The Last Of The Millenniums

Just because it always has been, doesn't mean it always will be

Republicans Keeping America Poor – ‘Ohio Republicans Advance Nationwide Wage-Suppression Campaign’



‘State lawmakers move to prevent municipalities from boosting pay for low-wage workers—a growing obstacle in the Fight for $15’.

‘By Justin Miller / The American Prospect’
December 14, 2016

‘But there was another harsh measure in the mix that flew under the radar: a measure that would force Ohio localities to comply with state minimum-wage regulations that top out at $8.10 an hour’.

‘The legislation aims to block Cleveland, one of Ohio’s largest and poorest cities, from unilaterally boosting wages for its low-wage workers’.

‘According to U.S. census data, 35,000 Clevelanders work full-time for less than $15 an hour, and 50 percent of those workers are black’.

‘After the Cleveland City Council rejected a Fight for 15 campaign lobbying effort to pass a $15 minimum wage in August and an attempt to get the issue on the November ballot, labor advocates succeeded in securing a special election for May2017’.

‘Voters will decide whether to establish a $12 minimum wage beginning in 2018, with annual one-dollar increases up to $15 over three years and cost-of-living-indexed increases thereafter’.

The Cleveland ballot measure, and future attempts to raise minimum wages in Cincinnati, Columbus, or Dayton, would be stopped in their tracks if Kasich signs the legislation. Whether he will remains unclear, but a decision could come as early as Friday’.

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