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Donald Trump…Making America Stupid – ‘Exchange of the Day’




The Trump Doctrine – “Just Make Stuff Up”.

December 11, 2016 By Taegan Goddard

‘President-elect Donald Trump was interviewed by Chris Wallace on Fox News’:

TRUMP: “It’s so easy to do and we’re going to have to impose a major tax on companies that leave, build their product and think their going to sell it right through out border like we’re a bunch of jerks”.

WALLACE: “But what about the free market, sir”?

TRUMP: “That is — that’s not free market when they go out and they move and they sell back into our country”.


WALLACE: “But that’s the free market. They made a decision and it makes —”

TRUMP: “No. That’s — that the dumb market, okay? That’s the dumb market. I’m a big free trader, but it has to be fair”.

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