The Last Of The Millenniums

Just because it always has been, doesn't mean it always will be

Republicans Keeping Government Out Of Our Lives – ‘Ohio Passes Bill That Bans Abortion After A Month And A Half’



In short, the Government will take away your ‘right’ to choose.

‘The bill was tacked on at the last minute to another bill addressing child abuse. It was approved in the Republican-dominated state House and Senate, and will now move on to Republican and anti-abortion Gov. John Kasich’s desk. He will sign or veto it within the next 10 days’.

‘Many women do not know they are pregnant until they have missed two periods, which can often be around eight weeks’.

‘Others may find out before the six-week mark, but might still be unable to get an abortion in time because there are a lack of clinics in Ohio and state laws require women wait 24 hours between an informational appointment about abortion and having the procedure done’.

‘The bill was written by anti-abortion and anti-LGBT rights activist Janet Porter (formerly Janet Folger). She authored the book The Criminalization of Christianity: Read This Book Before It Becomes Illegal’!

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