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Hillary Clinton now leads by 2,563,298 votes


HillaryClinton 65,246,161
realDonaldTrump 62,682,863

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3 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton now leads by 2,563,298 votes

  1. Not only is he not my president, but I think he is not my species.

  2. hocuspocus13 on said:

    Trump won 31 States
    Hillary won 19 States

    Total # Counties in USA 3141
    Trump won 3048
    Hillary won 57

    Electoral college 538
    Trump won 306
    Hillary won 232

    So you believe Hillary should have won the Presidency because she won California and New York which gave her millions of votes due those State’s high population?

    When Hillary Clinton did not win the majority of anything

    The people have spoken and due to the Electoral College all voices were heard

    • The people have spoken and by over 2 1/2 million votes, they wanted Hillary.
      People make up States.
      People make up COunties.
      Trump will win the majority of 538 votes and be President.
      Hillary willwin 2,563,298 more votes then Trump and will not be President.
      Trump will be the American voters, the people’s 2nd choice.

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