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Donald Trump’s America – ‘Donald Trump invites Philippines’ Duterte to White House during ‘animated’ phone call’


Just last week, Trump was telling us he will void the Cuban open border unless Cuba protected human rights.

‘Priebus: Trump could cut off Cuba if Raul Castro refuses ‘movement in the right direction’
‘Reince Priebus, President-elect Trump’s incoming chief of staff, said Sunday that Trump would rescind diplomatic relations with Cuba if the Castro regime did not make “movement in the right direction.”

Repression, open markets, freedom of religion, political prisoners — these things need to change in order to have open and free relationships,” Priebus said during an appearance on “Fox News Sunday.” “There’s going to have to be some movement from Cuba in order to have relationship with the United States.”


But murdering 5,000 people without arrest, judge or jury makes a leader ‘strong” in Trump’s America?

‘Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte threatened on Monday to kill human rights activists who criticize his murderous and illegal war on drug dealers and users’.

“The human rights [activists] said I ordered the killings,” he said in a speech in Malacañang. “I told them ‘OK. Let’s stop. We’ll let them [drug users] multiply so that when it’s harvest time, more people will die.”

‘Then he added: “I will include you [in the killing] because you are the reason why their numbers swell.”

‘Some 5,000 people have been killed since Duterte’s drug war started in July. Two thousand were killed in police encounters and 3,000 in vigilante-style slayings’.

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7 thoughts on “Donald Trump’s America – ‘Donald Trump invites Philippines’ Duterte to White House during ‘animated’ phone call’

  1. There is a reason the man will likely hold as few press conferences as possible. My guess is he has no clue he is being hypocritical.

    • Conversations like this and the one with the President of Pakistan show he has no clue as to current or historical events.
      Trump put on a good show but now that he won, he won’t be able to contribute any thing meaningful.
      Which means the people he selects will do the actual governing.
      Washington insiders, Wall Street elites – the swamp.

      • He will still bully by tweeting. When Congress does not pass something, he will attack. When a leader says he is being idiotic about climate change, he will attack. When NATO allies say he is being a poor partner, he will attack. Duterte and Trump are cut from the same cloth. Lead by bullying.

      • This, in a research sort of way, is going to be, to me, extremely interesting.
        Until now, Trump has been able, by being rich and the ‘candidate’, to be the ‘leader’ and by default the ‘smart guy in the room’.
        Evidence his tweets.
        Now he will be surrounded by smart (relative) people that actually HAVE read the Constitution and know what they are talking about.
        How will Trump handle it?
        How will he respond?
        Will being corrected by his own cabinet over and over force/give him the chance to just be a figurehead?
        Will the mounting corruption exposures force him to take a ‘back seat’?
        Only doing the major speeches (written for him) and ‘grand’ public appearences?
        Will be publicly scold his cabinet appointees?
        Privately so they shut up?
        Will they start leaving?
        This would be Trump fighting back.
        THe tweet thing was exciting but to most AMericans – not his base – it also becomes childish after a while.
        And worse – it exposes his complete lack of knowledge – see flag burning – about the Constitution and policy.
        The sad part is it will affect and hurt millions of people.
        Will we survive the Trump experiment?
        What will America/the Republic look like after him?
        Will business and thre wealthy be too powerfull to control after the Republicans deregulate?

    • All good questions.

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