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My Life WIth Cats

Vanna sleeping with Baby Baby.

Vanna sleeping with Baby Baby.

There comes that moment when a kitten shows it’s independence.

Vanna is there.
That two plus weeks of intense care is rewarded by watching her actually grow and play.

Her face is still a little bit of a mess but she’s become an 8 clawed mini octopus so I watch to make sure she sort of cleans it.
I comb her a couple times a day until she figures out one of her primary jobs is to bathe herself.
So fat just her legs, face, back legs and I saw her lick down her chest the other day.
Baby steps.

It’s hilarious watching her ‘attack’ another of the cats. She runs/ waddles up to them. Stops. Reaches out her paw. And.
Usually they don’t even know she’s there so she again reaches out her paw.

Everything now is a toy.
Especially other cat tails and legs.
She’ll learn..

Climbing is a real adventure. She hasn’t figured out how to retract her claws so she gets hung up and thrashes around.

And while she use to really be a whiner, her voice has gotten deeper and know it’s whining with a purpose.

But she explores the whole house, sits and looks out windows, interacts with the other cats and plays with everything and everyone all by herself.

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