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My Life With Cats


Yesterday Vanna – a thanks to Elyse at FiftyFourAndAHalf – moved into where I wanted her to be all along.

I have a ‘coffee table/bench that sits just under my front window and right above a heat register. A perfect place to warm up a young and cold kitten.

So I made up her bed and moved it over, added her favorite mouse and a strip of paper she loves to gnaw on.

Last night before I moved her bed over, when ever the heat came on, she’d stretch out her little paws and knead them.

So today, after I moved the bed, she wandered over and curled up right where she did last night.

The other cat, One Eyed Pete, waited a bit and then went to the bed, bathed and went to sleep.

She has sort of played with Pete and maybe this will have them bonding better and if not, a warmer place.


Something to think about …. “Remembering the past …. lessons learned? …. Wondering …. “!! — It Is What It Is

~~November 18, 2016~~ NEED I EXPLAIN WHAT THIS NUMBERS ARE? I want to think that even the younger generations know what these numbers are. Sure hope that this nation isn’t headed down that road. These are scary and uncertain times. HortyRex© TATTOOS AND NUMBERS THE SYSTEM OF IDENTIFYING PRISONERS AT AUSCHWITZ During the Holocaust, concentration […]

via Something to think about …. “Remembering the past …. lessons learned? …. Wondering …. “!! — It Is What It Is

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This is what happiness looks like

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