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An Election Of Change – ‘Voters sent career politicians in Washington a powerful “change” message by reelecting almost all of them to office’



‘Of 393 House incumbents who sought reelection, only five lost in the primaries, and only eight lost in the general election’.

Give you time to mull that over…….

‘For those of you keeping score at home, that’s 97 percent of incumbents reelected’.

Moving on…..

‘Only two incumbent senators, Mark Kirk (R-IL) and Kelly Ayotte (R-NH), lost’.


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4 thoughts on “An Election Of Change – ‘Voters sent career politicians in Washington a powerful “change” message by reelecting almost all of them to office’

  1. While both sides are at fault, as an Independent voter, the lion’s share of the blame falls on the GOP, with its extreme element therein. This group prevented collaboration. I have written for four years how more than 1/2 of the GOP voters have been voting against their economic interests and had no idea. Trump tapped into this angst, but they blamed the wrong people, in my view. This article by a leading bond manager is of interest.

    • I see Trump only as a figure head. He has shown no knowledge of or interewst in Governing.
      The real power will be in the House and Senate.
      Nor do I see Trump making it a full 4 year term.
      Either via boredom – he made it to President and the actual work isn’t of any interest…..
      Or scandal. His business, his kids and with little law and no wall between the two there will be corruption and eventaul scandal.
      Gross talks some about the repatriation huge corporate profits to the United States.
      This was already done in ’04 & ’05 under Bush.
      It resulted in less then $300 Billion in tax revenue and zero jobs.
      Too many people cling to the fantasy that a corporations business is to create jobs.
      It’s not. A corporations business is to make a profit.
      That rarely means hiring more people.

      • All good points. A CFO said in “The Rich and the Rest of Us,” if a company could get away with hiring no one, it would. And, on a Ted Talk, Nick Hanauer, a venture capitalist, said “so called job-creators do not create jobs. Customers create jobs.”

      • And that’s the basis for debunking Trump’s ‘bring jobs back’.
        Those jobs that went overseas only pay $4.00 an hour.
        Bringing it back would mean paying $20 an hour.
        Of course if some one did away with the minimum wage…….
        40 hour week……..
        employer paid medical insurance…..
        Republicans wouldn’t do that….would they?

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