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My Life With Cats


I’m a cat person, no secret.
And every once in a while I take in a ‘rescue’.

99 times out of 100 all you have to do is give some TLC.
A warm place to live. ‘
A clean bed.
Clean water.
Good food and plenty of it.
Clean liter box.
A safe home.

Cats are so independent that they will thrive, raise to their level if given the chance.

4 weeks ago I took in a little guy…well girl.
The vet’s best guess she was 6-8 weeks. Good teeth.
Now 6-8 week old kittens are pretty tough. Able to eat on their own, play/fight and bathe.

Well she, and I call her Baby Baby Baby, can eat as long as it’s chicken.
I usually go through a variety of foods to see #1 what interests them so they WILL eat and balance that with a good food.
So I went through a variety of canned foods and nope.

Gotta be boiled chicken.



Took to the potty box right away.
Forgot every once in a while and even now (approx 12 weeks) still wakes up and wanders around until you can almost see the light bulb over her head go off -“Oh yeah, I have to go potty and the box is over there.” And she runs to it.

One of the biggest worries is the kittens bowel movements. A change of diet especially going form a mother’s milk to people food can often be too rich.
Not her. Great poops.

Still doesn’t know how to play by herself.

For the first 2 weeks, I had to hold her next to my body – transfer body heat – for 2-4 hours in the AM and 2-4 hours in the evening.
Diced up boiled chicken.
She drinks good but still dips her head too far into the water bowl.
Then at the 2 week mark – she started to sleep on her own – didn’t have to hold her.
At the 3 week mark, she started looking around and trying different beds.

So now at 4+ weeks, she’s doing great, still only sorta plays by herself.
2 of my other cats see her as a toy and play.

In fat the only problem is she doesn’t not and never has bathed herself.
I’ve had to do it all along.

"My face is dirty. Some body bathe it"

“My face is dirty. Some body bathe it”

Wednesday November 16, 2016 – Trump’s ‘mandate’

When Trump thought Obama lost the popular vote but won the Electoral vote

When Trump thought Obama lost the popular vote but won the Electoral vote

Wednesday popular vote count
Clinton – 62,403,469 – +1,160,817
Trump – 61,242,652 – “We The People’s” 2nd choice

This is ‘getting over it’ and ‘moving forward in a positive manner’.
The reason YOU don’t want to talk about it is he’s is an embarrassment.

Trump will be elected President on Dec. 19 by the Electoral College.
So Trump’s mandate will be the majority of 538 people voting for him.

So did I miss something when for the last 7+ years you Rebubs and especially you teabaggers kept up the mantra of “We the people”?

What’s that?????


You spent 8 years doing everything – even down to claiming that Obama wasn’t born in America’ – to make Obama’s Presidency illegitmate.

Trump will be illegitmate even before he is sworn in…….

Clinton – 1,160,817 more votes then Trump.

By Friday this could be up to 1.5 million.

This is hilarious! The system to elect a President has become a World wide joke…..

And who the hell is advising him that he had to ask how many people he would be hiring to run the West Wing?



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Why Democrats Lose – ‘Keith Ellison Is a Muslim—and the Man to Lead the Democrats Into the Future’


Run on that…….

‘The Democratic Party leadership needs to learn from Hillary’s flop and Bernie’s message. One man stands out as the voice of tomorrow’.

Hillary’s (cough) ‘flop’?

Wednesday popular vote count
Clinton – 62,403,469 – +1,160,817
Trump – 61,242,652

She didn’t ‘flop’. The democratic party failed.
We, WE not her, lost 3, count them, 3 States by 107,105 votes.
MI – 11,612 – 16 Electoral votes.
PA – 68,236 – 20 Electoral votes.
WI – 27,257 – 10 Electoral votes.

More then enough to elect her President AND with the popular vote lead as well.

Did you simply not listen to Trump giving his speeches?

If you want to lose the above 3 States by 3, 4, 5 times larger deficits, then promote Ellison because he is a Muslim.

Trump’s majority in those States were white, christians who Trump whipped up to fear any one different and especially Muslims.

Democrats do just like to lose……

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