The Last Of The Millenniums

Just because it always has been, doesn't mean it always will be

The Great (cough) Republican ‘mandate’


This is what we don’t hear on the news. There is no mandate. Instead Democrats are in disarray. Republicans take charge. Donald Trump is normal. 


Republicans lost 6 seats in the House…..

Republicans lost 2 seats in the Senate…..

Trump will end up with close to 2 million votes less then Hillary….

And you have a mandate?

In what World is that a mandate?
Laughing My Ass Off – this is starting to get embarrassing. What a con job Trump pulled off.

By the time it’s all done, Hillary will have over 1 Million and closer to 2 million more votes then Trump.

He will be our President but a lame duck President. A sad little 2nd choice of the American people.

Tuesday popular vote count
U.S. Total
Clinton 61,886,913 – +972,083
Trump 60,914,830
Monday popular vote count
U.S. Total
Clinton 61,337,682 – + 755,523
Trump 60,582,159

Sunday popular vote count
U.S. Total
Clinton 61,292,712 + 727,569
Trump 60,565,143
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2 thoughts on “The Great (cough) Republican ‘mandate’

  1. Our system of checks and balances makes it so neither party can ever get what they want done. Which leaves the commoners vacillating in between, never fully satisfied and never fully unsatisfied. Which means, ironically, that both parties are the reason the other gains power in turns. A feedback loop.

    • Get ready to cut your feedback loop.
      Ryan and McConnell know they have a 6 year clear parth before Dems even have a chance of taking back the House or Senate.
      Mitch, at the first sign of Democratic filibuster obstruction, is ready to go nuclear and do away with the filibuster.
      A simple majority in the Senate, a clear majority in the House and a puppet President who will sign what is put in fron of him.
      Think it won’t happen?

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