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‘Shock & Awe’ – Nixon’s AG – “Watch What We Do, Not What We Say”



That is what will matter now……

As I’m writing this, Trump has 276 and Clinton 228.

NBC just called MN for Clinton.

Still counting

Trump – AZ-11, MI-16, AK-3 all leaning Trump so possible – 306

Clinton – NH-4 so possible – 232

Hillary lost because Donald Trump ran a ‘rust belt’ election and won. It was less a strategy¬†then being aware of shifting polls and taking advantage.

I like everyone, was wrong. I was looking at internal polls that showed a very large shift of white, college educated women to Hillary.

A very large shift.

And a large shit of Latinos to Hillary.

Neither really happened to the degree that it would have mattered in the States that ultimately came to stop Hillary.

Donald Trump, early in his campaign, touted a ‘rust belt’ path to the White House.

He did it.

PA-20, OH-18, WI-10 – That’s a shift of 48 usually Democratic electoral votes to Trump.
And he might not be done – MI-16 is leaning Trump.

So the pundits can trash Hillary, blame her E mails, the Clinton Foundation, FBI Comey or even just 35 years of FOX and Republican investigating her and Bill while never filing one legal charge.

Trump won, knowingly or not, on a ‘rust belt’ plan.

Again, as I write this, Hillary is winning the popular vote.

So a repeat of Bush/Gore without the drama of drawing out the election.

I refer you to this as to possible futures.

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