The Last Of The Millenniums

Just because it always has been, doesn't mean it always will be

Electoral College Watch – No More Toss Ups – Madame President Hillary Rodham Clinton


THIS is the President I waited 8 years for……..

Go to 1:14:00

Right or wrong, I see a quiet but very large surge in Latinos and women. Especially younger women.
I think that Clinton will carry every demographic except for white men and even that will be close.

I think Hillary will win FL-29 and by a comfortable 3-5% margin.

Without FL-29, Trump has no path to winning.

So by 9 PM PDT, I predict that the news agencies will call the election for the first women President – Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Trump loses NH-4, PA-20, NC-15, MI-16, AZ-11, OH-18.

An electoral blow out and a popular vote win by Hillary of 5%+.

I don’t want Trump to concede. I want his refusal to be the final insult of the Republican party to our democracy.

Hillary Clinton
NV-6, MN-10,
WA-12, OR-7, CA-55, HI-4, VT-3, HN-4, MA-11, RI-4, CT-7, NJ-14, DE-3, MD-10, DC-3, NY-29, VA-13, PA-20, , WI-10, IL-20, NM-5, CO-9, NC-15, MI-16, AZ-11, OH-18, FL-29 = 348

Donald Trump
MT-3, ID-4, WY-3, ND-3, SD-3, NE-4, KS-6, OK-7, AR-10, LA-8, MS-6, AL-9, TN-11, WV-5, SC-9, GA-16, KY-8, ME-3, AK-3, TX-38, UT-6, MO-10, IA-6, IN-11 = 192


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