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Electoral College Watch – Donald Trump Wins – The Day After



Real Clear Politics
Daily Average –
Thur – 2.2
Fri – 2.6
Sat – 1.8
Sun – 2.0
RCP Electoral No Toss Ups
Clinton – 297
Trump – 241

Predict Wise
Fri –
Clinton 84%
Sat –
Clinton 86%
Sun –
Clinton 87%

270 To Win
Clinton 317
Trump 221

Clinton 274
Trump 190
Toss Ups 74 FL-29, NC-15, NH-4, ME-1, OH-18, UT-6, NE-1

Princeton Election Consortium Electoral Map
Clinton 323
Trump 215

Five Thirty Eight
Clinton 291.5
Trump 245.8
McMullin .7

Clinton 268
Trump 204
‘battleground’ 66 – NH-4, NC-15, FL-29, NV-6, AZ-11

Cook Political Report hasn’t updated since 11/2?????

Clinton 274
Trump 180
Toss Ups 84 – NH-4, OH-18, NC-15, FL-29, UT-6, AZ-11


Let’s say Donald Trump wins.
What happens on Wednesday morning?

Donald Trump in his real estate head quarters, has made it common practice that ALL proposals, interests, concerns that he needs to make decisions on are to be boiled down to 1 or 2 paragraphs.

He has a short attention span.

He also has very little knowledge of Government or governing.


He has no interest in putting policies into legislation.

What Donald Trump lives for is attention.

So on Wednesday morning, I see Trump ‘appointing’ Rudy Giuliani as his Attorney General and commanding Rudy to ‘lock her up’.

This energizes Trump’s base.
This was the central theme of his campaign.
This fulfills a campaign promise.
This sends a thrill down Rugy Giulaina’s leg as I truly believe he will attempt to have her arrested – without actual charges.


This will open the door to the direct link between Rudy Giuliana and FBI Director James Comey – per election.

This will begin the fourth estate’s actual vetting, investigation of Donald J. Trump.


No more free hour long campaign rallys.
Full blown investigation of Trump, the Trump campaign finances and the Trump Foundation.

Months long, even years long.

And in the meantime – Hillary can’t be arrested but will get the support of dozens, maybe hundreds of Republicans in both houses of Congress.

Shredding the Constitution just to get a imagined ‘revenge’.


As to appointments – again Trump has no interest in or knowledge of Cabinet appointments, judicial appointments, ambassadors, the approx. 11,000 positions that will need to be filled.

Will Trump keep his campaign promise to fire all of Obama’s appointments?

Who is going to be his Chief of Staff to organize and carry out the transition?
Governor Chris Christie is the leader of it but will being associated with convicted staff be a deterrent? Or will it really make no difference?

Will Christie keep a low in the back ground profile while pulling the strings?
Or will Governor Mike Pence be the lead man in finding and filling positions and promoting actual policy?


It will be 2 1/2 months of chaos both in front of the camera and behind the scenes.

1/3 of what Trump promised/talked about on the campaign trail is unconstitutional.

1/3 of what Trump promised/talked about of the campaign trail is against International Law.

And the remaining 1/3 of what Trump promised/talked about is of no interest to Paul Ryan or Mitch McConnell.

They are not going to build a wall between us and Mexico.

They are not going to build a ‘deportation force’.

They are not going to ban Muslims.

They are not going to embrace a working relationship with Putin in Syria.

They are not going to approve ‘bombing the shit’ out of ISIS strong holds.

They are not going to take the oil in Iraq.

They are not…….you get the idea.


You get the idea. While this is what got Trump elected, they are unconstitutional and or against International Law.

Not Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell will begin dismantling the ‘social contract’.

Privatizing Social Security.
Privatizing ALL public construction projects, roads, bridges, schools…..
Reduce Medicare.
Cut Medicaid.
Defund Planned Parenthood.
Repeal Obamacare but no replacement – they wil be ‘working’ on that…..

Oh and even thought he ‘knows more then the Generals’, he will ask for their plans to defeat ISIS – which is pretty much what we are doing now.

By Inaugural Day, we will have a far right Executive Branch proposing grand and unworkable schemes,
A fractured Conservative House of Representatives with the Freedom caucus blocking all attempts at compromise.
A fractured Conservative Senate with a few moderate Republican joining Democrats in blocking extreme court and cabinet appointments.


This will actually be worse then a divided Government between Republicans and Democrats because it will be one part, the party in power fighting within itself……..

Our allies will abandon us.
No Treaties will be signed or acted on.
The financial markets will crumble.
Not a recession.
A World Wide depression because the ‘full faith and credit of the United States’ is in doubt.

And this even before Trump tries to ‘negotiate’ reducing the National Debt by offering to pay just pennies on the dollar……



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5 thoughts on “Electoral College Watch – Donald Trump Wins – The Day After

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  2. Just frightening. I’m your northern cousin in Canada and I’m just reading all these updates in a gruesome awe.

    • Yeah sorry about this.
      But a warning, it’s going to get worse.
      The Republicans do not have a popular vote mandate in ANY branch but they control ALL branches.

      • Well being hardly a political person, I just observe this to be another version of Britain and their vote against the UK. It’s like people don’t know what they want at all.

      • THe overall popular vote was 59+Million for Trump and 65+ Million for Clinton, Johnson and Stein.
        So we didn’t – as a Nation – want Trump.
        But we don’t elect our president by popular vote so the Electroal college slanted towards States with large, white, thinking the ‘World has passed them by’ people.
        Trump’s campaign was based on ‘get rid of “them” meaning anyone not white.
        Can he do it?
        When asked how he says ‘management’.
        But in practice it means anyone not white will have to always carry a ‘certified’ (what ever that means) copy of their birth certificate.
        Even with a loaded Supreme Court, there is equal protection under the law so if you challenge, with no prior knowledge, 1 then you challenge all.
        Sorry saop box.
        The bottom line is the media gave Trump free air time, hundreds of hours without a credible challenge to the misinformation in his speeches.
        By the time he was challenged, it was ingrained into the minds of mostly low info whites but even college educated whites.
        THat is the real problem in AMerica – not Trump.

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