The Last Of The Millenniums

Just because it always has been, doesn't mean it always will be

The Day in a Quote


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4 thoughts on “The Day in a Quote

  1. ” sigh ” Anyway, I really, really, realy hope they try it.

    • I give about 50/50 chance that they move to impeach her before she’s even inaugurated.

      • LOL. Yeah those lovers of the Constitution don’t know that she actually has to BE President befroe they can impeach her….but I move it to 100% chance of constant investigations and 100% chance that they – ‘the Freedon caucus’ – will be pushing to impeach her.
        Does Ryan go along?
        Does he know what happened to Newt?
        Does he think that an America where the majority just voted for her will stand idle as they try to impeach her ovedr the same information we had BEFORE the election?
        It would be his political death – see Newt – and Ryan won’t allow it.
        He will be content just to have her deminished via constant investigations.

      • Paul Ryan just wrote an editorial on CNN telling people to vote for Trump, so yeah, he’ll go along.

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