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Electoral College Watch – ‘The Final Surprise May Be a Boring Election Night’


RCP (Real Clear Politics)
National Average Clinton +2.6 – yesterday it was Clinton +2.2.
Watch the trends. always watch trends not actual numbers.
RCP No Toss Ups – Clinton 297 (yesterday it was 273)
Watch the trends……

Predict Wise Clinton 84% Trump 16% chance of winning. (Yesterday it was Clinton 83% and Trump 17%) Watch the trends.

With 4 days to go, Clinton is once again trending up to and even over 300 Electoral votes.

And this just 2 days after more fake stories ‘leaked’ by the Republican FBI Director James Comey.

Now get out and vote but start buying party supplies for Tuesday night – early.

Trump, FOX and well Republicans enmasse, over played the FBI (cough)’leaks’ that Hillary was about to be indicted and the Clinton Foundation investigation was about to explode.


There is a direct link from Rudy Giuliani to, for now, FBI Director James Comey.
A direct link.
‘Two days before FBI director James Comey rocked the world last week, Rudy Giuliani was on Fox, where he volunteered, un-prodded by any question: “I think he’s [Donald Trump] got a surprise or two that you’re going to hear about in the next few days. I mean, I’m talking about some pretty big surprises.” …'(1)
A great piece over at No More Mister Nice Blog.

Now Republicans who have gladly embraced that The Donald saw “1000’s and 1000’s cheering in New Jersey on 9/11” (no one else saw it but it must have happened because The Donald saw it…….
jumped on the ‘indictment and Clinton Foundation explosion.

Even after FOX’s Bret Baier walked it back as a fake story and the Clinton Foundation story is based on unfounded claims from a book – widely debunked even by the author – ‘Clinton Cash’.

‘Clinton Cash’ publisher corrects ‘7 or 8’ inaccurate passages'(2)

November 4, 2016 By Taegan Goddard

“Here’s one theory bouncing around the reporter and political campaign consultant world’:

‘Despite the recent tightening of the race, election night could be super boring. If Nevada political guru Jon Ralston is right — and he usually is — Hillary Clinton has all but won that state’.

‘If she takes Nevada, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Virginia — all states where she seems to have a lead, or is building one through early voting — Donald Trump can win Florida, Ohio, Wisconsin, Iowa, Colorado and New Hampshire and still lose.”(1)


Trump has to, HAS TO, HAS TO win FL-29.
Trump has to, HAS TO, HAS TO win NC-15.
Trump has to, HAS TO, HAS TO win AZ-11.
Trump HAS TO steal NC-15 from Hillary AND win AZ-11 AND FL-29.
That would put him at 259. 11 short. NH-4, IA-6 and ME2-1 would give him his 11 – BUT he STILL HAS TO win FL-29, AZ-11 and take NC-13 from Hillary.

Without FL-29, it doesn’t matter what other States he wins.


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