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Electoral College Watch – Toss Ups?


RCP – Clinton 273 Trump – 265
Cook Political – Clinton 278 Trump – 214 Toss up 46
Crystal Ball – Clinton 293 Trump – 214 Toss up 31
Predict Wise – Clinton 83% Trump – 17%

Real Clear Politics this morning has Clinton down to 226 Electoral College votes.
3 days ago she was over 270
Even their ‘No Toss Up’ map shows Clinton at 273 but they ‘give’ Trump FL-29, NC-13, NV-6 & AZ-11.

So why?

Well RCP has NC-15, VA-13 & PA-20 as ‘toss up’.
This puts her at 274.

They also show OH-18 & IA-6 as ‘toss ups.’
This puts him at 204.

OH-18 and IA-6 are solid Trump States.
They are not ‘toss ups’.

Ditto for Clinton – PA-20, VA-13 are solidly hers.

Trump has to, HAS TO, HAS TO win FL-29.
Trump has to, HAS TO, HAS TO win NC-15.
Trump has to, HAS TO, HAS TO win AZ-11.
Trump HAS TO steal NC-15 from Hillary AND win AZ-11 AND FL-29.
That would put him at 259. 11 short. NH-4, IA-6 and ME2-1 would give him his 11 – BUT he STILL HAS TO win FL-29, AZ-11 and take NC-13 from Hillary.

Without FL-29, it doesn’t matter what other States he wins.

But he is basicly by himself on the campaign trail.

Team Clinton – Hillary, Bill, Chelsea, Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Joe Biden – will hit Fl-29, NC-15, NH-4, AZ-11, NV-6 and CO-9.


Living in FL-29 & NC-13 and campagining hard in NH-4, AZ-11, NV-6 and CO-9.


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