The Last Of The Millenniums

Just because it always has been, doesn't mean it always will be

November 1, 2016


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One thought on “November 1, 2016

  1. Issues? We have issues? My “Within” (a small black cat with feral notions and domestic tendencies, unplugged my keyboard while i lay asleep and has caused me to try and swat techno cooties for the most of the morn. Got ’em!)

    I believe i have solved this problem about issues and non working technology but now get the cat/rat off my shin; i’m bleeding into my shoe. CATZ gone bad? When one is born no other way….how do you explain “i love u”? And how do you stop vampire cat from glomming onto your poor bleeding flesh just becuz he can’tz getz how ? to jump up and sit on a lap. And sad to say doesn’t even enjoy it when accomplished.

    I’m TIRED but i don’t believe you must be tireder than you have to be….even in King David’s; King’ Henry’s, and that old black magic King – Cole’s court…..there is not justice not knowledge no reason and no rhyme but explanation and if not that just being. Did I just pull a philosophizer’s ticket? Do i win a prize? “I’ll take monetary right now as opposed to small prizes in sequence…FUCK taxes!

    Gotta go blow Within’s (that iz a name of a cat not an obscure reference to who knows what) nose. He has a repository infection and no other mother than me. Pray for me and send antiseptic wipes as soon as possible. He is not “kind” to his mother.

    Shit I’ve read that at night “the tears run in your ears” but in the dime light of a dreary day, (that means very cheap light not a typo) the blood running down my shin to… MY NEW LEATHER shoes…is a new one on me and seems to require retribution. THESE shoes cost me and i gotz no moneyz.

    KEEP ON KEEP ON but i think i’m going to bail for awhile…or is that Baal?
    Melt down your golden gods and send me the residue…..i’m broke with 20 catz to feedz. Not to mention a new pair of shoes that make me look like a serial killer and let’s not even address my shins. (weird skin condition?)

    no poofs, no ends, no cutsey bends, and certainly no tildes. ~~dru~~

    i lie/lay like a rug……

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