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MSNBC Republican Journalism – ‘Chris Matthews weighs in on Hillary Clinton’

Got another 'tingle' down your leg Chris?

Got another ‘tingle’ down your leg Chris?

Gee Chris…..

Since 2009, the Republicans in the Senate racked up a record number of filibusters.

That’s probably a big word for you Chris but in short it means the Republican minority in the Senate managed to black any legislation they didn’t like.

In 2014 mid term elections, the Republican took control of the Senate.

So Republicans control the Senate.

In the House, the Republicans have been in control since 2010.

So Republicans control the House.

Currently, Republicans control 31 of the State Governorships.

Currently, Republicans control 56% of the State House Representatives.

Currently, Republicans control 55.1% of the State Senate seats.

So when you say “if you don’t like the way things are going, vote Trump”, are you serious that a President, a Democratic President is to blame for every thing bad when the Republicans control ALL other branches of Government?

Wow! And you wonder why America is stupid…….


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7 thoughts on “MSNBC Republican Journalism – ‘Chris Matthews weighs in on Hillary Clinton’

  1. I don’t know what’s been going on with Chris Matthews lately.

  2. That’s exactly what most Americans think – that it’s the president who’s at fault for everything. It’s much easier to blame one guy (or a woman, starting next year, hopefully) than to blame hundreds of Congresspeople and state leaders when, or even remember who they are.

    • And that’s why America is failing, America is dumbed down and frankly why most Americans should not be allowed to vote.

      • And I think most Americans would agree with the last part, although all would be sure they would make the select few who should be allowed to vote.

      • I’m in favor of a very basic civics test.
        Name your States Governor?
        Name your States 2 US Senators?
        Name your US Representative?
        Name your Mayor?
        Who is the current Vice President of the US?
        Name the 3 Branches of Government?
        Name the 4 basic steps on how a bill becomes Law?
        I’m guessing that 90% of Americans couldn’t pass this.

      • That test actually exists – it’s called a citizenship exam and I had to take one myself.

      • To become a citizen? Why not to vote. I figure if someone can’t name their Mayor, Governor, Senators – ansewer a few simple question about how we govern, then they show they aren’t interested enough to make a valid decision.

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