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State Poll Roundup: Tuesday



Can Hillary add NC? IN? UT? AZ?

Less likely but maybe MO? KY? GA? TX?

October 25, 2016By Taegan Goddard

‘Here are the latest state polls from the presidential race’:

‘Minnesota: Clinton 47%, Trump 39%, Johnson 6% (Mason Dixon)’

North Carolina: Clinton 46%, Trump 39%, Johnson 8% (NYT/Siena)’

Michigan: Clinton 49%, Trump 41%, Johnson 3% (Mitchell Research)’

Real Clear Politics
Average :
Clinton – 45.3
Trump – 39.9
Johnson – 6.0
Stein – 2.2

Clinton – +5.4

Remember this is the popular vote total.
If Johnson gets – Nationally – above 2%, I’d be amazed.
Dito Stein – 1% tops.

Taegan Goddard’s Political Wire :

State Poll Roundup: Tuesday

Real Clear Politics :


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4 thoughts on “State Poll Roundup: Tuesday

  1. I’m more relaxed now. The only thing I’m really afraid of is if Russia hacks our electoral system in key states like PA.

    • They would have to hack 51 different systems or at the very least critical states such as FL, PA, AZ, VA, NC, IN, IA, and a few others. The likley hood that they could is extremelyy small.
      It’s not over but unless there is some bombshell waiting to blow up the Clinton campaign – and why would they have waited until Trump was so far out of it – little will change in 14 days.

      • Last time I checked , it was 90 days to voting time….. and now it’s 14 days …..time flew so fast , didn’t it ?

        I wonder …. could it have been worse if the nominee was Bernie Sanders ?

      • Bernie would have united the Republicans against an admitted socialist.
        Hillary, to them, might be evil but she is a Liberal.
        Add to that, the few times Hillary confronted Bernie, he go very defensive.
        Trump would have had him crying.

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