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Trump TeeVee Pop Quiz!


OK, Scissorheads, you’ve been asking for a Pop Quiz in re: Trump TeeVee, but we’re gonna mix it up a little.

Because we know Trump names everything after himself, well, the Trump News Network seems like a forgone conclusion.That said, the REAL snark-a-palooza is going to be around the programming of TNN.

So here’s your Quiz:Name the three prime-time shows you expect to see on Trump News Network, and (if appropriate) who will star in them.

Example:6:00 PM Brown-Nosing with Sean Hannity7:00 PM Russia’s Funniest Home Videos with Vladimer Putin8:30 PM Prepping! With Rudy Giuliani

Alternate Quiz:Describe a pilot show for TNN and who it will star. Example:Make Room for Donnie: Donald Trump learns about Ivanka’s friendship with Huma Abedin; Melania goes on a shopping spree for her pussy cat; the boys grow Hitler mustaches.

Source: Trump TeeVee Pop Quiz!

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Cats Gone Bad



Bear cub feeding time

Bear cub feeding time

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The Day in a Quote

Pence promises (4 days ago) 'evidence' by the 'end of the day' to debunk allegations against Trump

Pence promises (4 days ago) ‘evidence’ by the ‘end of the day’ to debunk allegations against Trump

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