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Let Mike Pence Be Mike Pence – The Spineless Edition


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3 thoughts on “Let Mike Pence Be Mike Pence – The Spineless Edition

  1. Heartafire on said:

    How much of his soul will he sell to be vice president to Mr. Trump. shameful.

  2. At this point, I would not be surprised by anything that happens. Pence dropping out as VP is one option. Trump dropping out seems to be more unlikely as his ego will not let him and he has already begun attacking his critics who withdrew endorsements. But, Trump dropping out could happen.

    My guess is he will stick in and attack Bill tonight. It will be interesting to see how HRC handles it. I think she should be very succinct. My husband is not running for President, I am. He was President and a very good one with balancing the budget, the most jobs created ever, and no wars. Yes, he made mistakes and we chose to remain together and still are. He is the only person I choose to be married to, imperfections and all. Next question.

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