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Let Trump Be Trump – ‘Donald Trump to Howard Stern: It’s okay to call my daughter a ‘piece of ass’



Congrats Republicans.

This is who you decided would make America great again…….

Oh Wait!!!! His supporters are syaing it’s alright.

He was a private business man so not running for office…..

‘In another interview, from September 2004, Stern asks Trump if he can call Ivanka “a piece of ass,” to which Trump responds in the affirmative’.

‘In a 2002 appearance, Trump calls 30 “a perfect age.”
“Until she’s 35,” a co-host interjects.
“What is it at 35? It’s called check-out time,” Trump responds’.

‘In a 2006 interview, Stern asks Trump, “Do you think you could now be banging 24-year-olds?”
“Oh, absolutely,” Trump says.
“Would you do it?,” asks Stern.
“I’d have no problem,” Trump said.
Stern then asked Trump if he has an age limit.
“No, I have no age — I mean, I have age limit. I don’t want to be like
Congressman Foley, with, you know, 12-year-olds.”

‘Later in the interview, Trump says he lost his virginity at “about 14.”
“It was a young woman, who was really beautiful, she the hot little girl in high school or grammar school or whatever,” Trump said. “She was hot. I haven’t seen her. I haven’t seen her.”

In a 2008 interview, Trump said he was still having “a lot” of sex with his wife Melania. Later, when co-host Artie Lang asked Trump if he ever had a threesome — describing multiple women together weighing 300 pounds — Trump willingly responds in the affirmative, and actually suggests he has slept with three women collectively weighing 375 pounds.
“I wouldn’t say 300, I would say could be about 375,” said Trump. “I figure 125 a piece as opposed to 100.”
“Haven’t we all,” Trump added about men having threesomes, “are we babies?”

Later in the interview, Trump complained about his ex-wife Ivana’s accent
“The funny thing about Ivana is the accent got worse as she grew older, and some people said she wanted it to happen. The accent actually became more pronounced as years went by,” Trump said.
“It was like the Chinese torture. You know, the water drops on your head,” Trump said.

Let Trump Be Trump – ‘Trump surrogate gasps out loud when CNN panelist calls Trump ‘an irredeemable pervert, a predator’


‘Democratic strategist Maria Cardona’ :

“The problem with this is that Trump supporters love to say he’s running for office and people support him because he speaks from the heart. Yes, that is exactly right. He does speak from the heart. And that is what should scare everybody to our core.’

Let Trump Be Trump – ‘Donald Trump’s Apology For 2005 Tape’



Go ahead Trump. In the Town Hall Debate, talk about Bill Clinton.

And talk…..and talk…..about how it’s always everyone else that is the problem.

I basically just stopped blogging because of a couple of reasons.

#1 is that after the 1st debate, Hillary had retaken her Real Clear Politics ‘average’ and on the Electorial map, gone back over 300+.

Trump was just digging the hole he’s dug – deeper.

  • When this tape was made, Donald Trump was 61 years old.
  • He just gone to Europe and gotten his 3rd arm candy wife.
  • She was 8 months pregnant.

If Hillary is smart – and she is – if/when Trump brings up Bill Clinton, Hillary will concede her time to Trump.

Let Trump talk………..

It excites his ‘base’ and sickens middle class America.

Donald Trump talking is the best ad against Donald Trump for President.

Let Trump Be Trump – ‘Ryan ‘sickened’ by Trump, joint appearance scrapped’


‘Man with 3 daughters confronts Donald Trump about how he treats women and minorities’
Trump – “No body has more resepct for women then I do…….” and he talks about drugs…….and then Muslims…….but doesn’t answer the question.

Making America Great by demeaning women………..

‘Paul Ryan said Friday night that he was “sickened” by Donald Trump’s lewd comments about women, and announced that the GOP nominee would no longer campaign with him in Wisconsin on Saturday’.

‘Hours after the footage posted on The Washington Post, Ryan’s office said, “I am sickened by what I heard today.”

“Women are to be championed and revered, not objectified,” Ryan continued in a statement. “I hope Mr. Trump treats this situation with the seriousness it deserves and works to demonstrate to the country that he has greater respect for women than this clip suggests. In the meantime, he is no longer attending tomorrow’s event in Wisconsin.”

‘The event, a “fall fest” in Elkhorn, Wisconsin that Ryan invited Trump to attend, is still on. Mike Pence will be standing in for Trump’.

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