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“What Do You Have To Lose?” – ‘Trump Train’



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Let Trump Be Trump – “That Makes Me Smart”.


Kind of makes you feel like a chump when a man who wants to be President thinks it’s ‘smart’ not to pay taxes that support our troops, our Vets, our health care system, our education system, roads, bridges, well America and Americans…….and the rest of us do pay taxes…….

We support a so called Billionare to live free in our Country we built……

And he says that’s “smart”…….

CLINTON: “Or maybe he doesn’t want the American people, all of you watching tonight, to know that he’s paid nothing in federal taxes, because the only years that anybody’s ever seen were a couple of years when he had to turn them over to state authorities when he was trying to get a casino license, and they showed he didn’t pay any federal income tax”.

TRUMP: “That makes me smart”.

CLINTON: “So if he’s paid zero, that means zero for troops, zero for vets, zero for schools or health”.

CLINTON: “And maybe because you haven’t paid any federal income tax for a lot of years”. (APPLAUSE)

TRUMP: “It would be squandered, too, believe me”.

Yes, paying taxes to suport our troops, our Vets, our schools, our health care system, hungry shildren, building roads, bridges, building America and supporting Americans would be “squandering” our taxes……

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Let Trump Be Trump



Julia Ioffe
“How many women watching now are remembering men in their lives who yelled at them wouldn’t let them talk”?

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