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Let Trump Be Trump – Stupid ‘What If’s’ – ‘A Humble Trump May Win the Debate’


One of a dozen ‘this is what might happen’ articles……

September 26, 2016
‘Rick Klein: “What if he apologizes? What if he behaves himself? What if he drops “Crooked Hillary” for “Madam Secretary”? What if – stay with us here – he doesn’t stretch the truth’?

Well Rick, then Trump would lose his base.
He can’t apologize. Apologize for what?
Mexicans aren’t rapists, murders?
Muslims need to be stopped form coming to America – well except the rich ones?

Behaves himself?
A boring Trump?
The base loves him because is NOT boring.

He will drop the ‘crooked’ and just use Hillary.
While ‘crooked’ and ‘lying Hillary’ does excite his base, it cancels any attemp at getting back the college educated conservatives.

Doesn’t stretch the truth?
For 90 minutes?
Unless he is reading a scripted speech off of a teleprompter, he wil be Trump –


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One thought on “Let Trump Be Trump – Stupid ‘What If’s’ – ‘A Humble Trump May Win the Debate’

  1. He’ll win if he behaves. That’s how low the bar has been set for Trump.

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