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Why Is CNN Still On The Air??? – ‘CNN Corey Lewandowski to be paid severance by Trump campaign through 2016 – ‘Trump campaign still paying CNN’s Corey Lewandowski BIG MONEY every month’


You’d think, think, that a (cough) ‘news’ agency whould vet possible employees for conflict of interest…….

Not CNN…..

So CNN has a paid Trump employee on their paid staff.

Conflict of interest or just influence peddling?

‘An insightful statement has emerged from the Donald Trump campaign. It concerns Corey Lewandowski, the former Trump campaign manager who was apparently fired from his post in June and then quickly signed on as a political commentator for CNN’.

‘Those payments — $20,000 per month to Lewandowski’s Green Monster Consulting — continued in August, according to the latest round of campaign finance reports’.

‘Erik Wemple continues’:

“Hefty payments will continue to land in Lewandowski’s account for as long as the Trump campaign can benefit from the pro-Trump statements that he makes on air, very predictably”.

‘Wemple is right on the money. Trump is essentially paying for Lewandowski’s loyalty through the remainder of this presidential campaign, which contaminates him as a CNN guest host’.

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