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And As Long As We’re Bashing CNN…


CNN is now normalizing fascism, openly questioning the rule of law and the civil rights protections enshrined in the US Constitution.— Frankly My Dear … (@god…

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Leftover Trump part The Flag


Hint : Ask yourself….how many colonies were there?

Making African-Americans A Joke – ‘Trump Is Holding An “African-American” Town Hall That Is Full Of White People’


‘Donald Trump is taping an African-American town hall with Sean Hannity to air on Wednesday evening, but the audience at the event appears to be full of white people’.

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Why Is CNN Still On The Air??? – ‘CNN Corey Lewandowski to be paid severance by Trump campaign through 2016 – ‘Trump campaign still paying CNN’s Corey Lewandowski BIG MONEY every month’


You’d think, think, that a (cough) ‘news’ agency whould vet possible employees for conflict of interest…….

Not CNN…..

So CNN has a paid Trump employee on their paid staff.

Conflict of interest or just influence peddling?

‘An insightful statement has emerged from the Donald Trump campaign. It concerns Corey Lewandowski, the former Trump campaign manager who was apparently fired from his post in June and then quickly signed on as a political commentator for CNN’.

‘Those payments — $20,000 per month to Lewandowski’s Green Monster Consulting — continued in August, according to the latest round of campaign finance reports’.

‘Erik Wemple continues’:

“Hefty payments will continue to land in Lewandowski’s account for as long as the Trump campaign can benefit from the pro-Trump statements that he makes on air, very predictably”.

‘Wemple is right on the money. Trump is essentially paying for Lewandowski’s loyalty through the remainder of this presidential campaign, which contaminates him as a CNN guest host’.

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IMPORTANT – Save The Day



September 21, 2016



Leftover Trump


The Day in a Picture


The Day in a Quote


I don’t have anything against Muslims or immigrants, and I didn’t believe him when he said he would round you all up and send you out of the country. I thought he’d stop at the national registry.

I was just tired of the two party system controlling our country. I just couldn’t will myself to vote for Hillary and so I voted Stein. She’s from the Green Party, and it’s time we make a change.

And I remember thinking that might have been a mistake on the week they opened the national registry, and they started making you carry ID cards and wearing special badges on your clothes.

And I remember how surprised I was when they made people who were legal Mexicans wear special badges too to prevent the deportation squads from wasting time checking their papers.

My point is, I know it’s been especially hard for you Muslims and I’m sorry about that.

I remember when Clinton was speaking out against the registry. A lot of us showed up in Washington to protest against it — see, I didn’t abandon you completely — and she was there. And standing there on the Mall, listening to her, it occurred to me… I couldn’t stand her voice, honestly. That cackle of a laugh. I hated her old-lady face, which reminded me so much of my mother’s — and I had a complicated relationship with my mother.

So, on your way to the camps, I want you to know that I just couldn’t get myself to vote for that woman because I hated everything about her.

I’m sorry you’re going to have to live in a detention center for a while, but her voice, you’ll have to agree, is really irritating.

I didn’t really take seriously that he would add criminal punishments for abortions, like he said he would, or that he would back the “life begins at conception,” movement in your state.

When they started opening inquests after every miscarriage and arresting women for suspicious womb activities, I thought maybe I’d made a mistake, but at the end of the day, there’s nothing I can do about it.

You see, I’m tired of politics as usual and I refuse to be held hostage by the two party system any longer. I feel like this country needed a new direction, a real shake up. I mean, I didn’t vote for the guy myself, but I understand why people did, and as for me, I wanted to see some real change happen in this country and I got my wish.

I don’t have a womb and won’t ever be arrested for suspicious activities inside of it, but I really do empathize with you that this is the kind of change we can do without.

On the other hand, we’ve started construction on the wall.

Anyway, I want you to know that I needed to express my frustration with the political system and with the choices we were presented with by the corporate oligarchy and it’s not my fault you’ve been imprisoned.

You likely should have been more careful.

I know they banned birth control in your state, but maybe you should have ordered some online from Canada, you know? Or just not had sex. I mean, I’m as sex-positive as the next guy, but you knew the potential consequences.

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Making America A Joke – ‘Trump Claims He Never Talked About Profiling Muslims’


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