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‘Background Checks’


Jason Kander (D) is a former Army Captain who volunteered to serve in Afghanistan. Visit to learn more.

America Needs Donald Trump – ‘Calls To Nix Food Regulations Disappear From Trump’s Economic Platform’


‘A “fact sheet” on Donald Trump’s economic platform that called for the deregulation of the food industry is now absent from the campaign’s website. A version of the fact sheet the campaign sent out Thursday morning said that under a President Trump, the “The FDA Food Police” would be eliminated, while a revised version sent out Thursday afternoon did not include that section’.

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America Needs Trump – ‘6-Foot Portrait Of Donald Trump Raises Questions About His Charity Foundation | TODAY’

No this is not it but in Donald's mind I'll bet it is.....

No this is not it but in Donald’s mind I’ll bet it is…..

What could be an actual crime and 1 or 2 stories and then -poof- no more stories…..

America Needs Trump – ‘Aide Shuts Down Local TV Interview With Trump Jr. When Charity Issue Is Raised’


‘An interview with Donald Trump Jr. conducted by a local Pennsylvania television station was abruptly cut off by an aide when the topic turned to a Washington Post story about Donald Trump spending his foundation’s money at auction to buy a portrait of himself’.

“You’re a director of the Trump Foundation charity, did you sign off on charity money for a portrait?” asked WTAE local news’.

“No, I don’t know anything about that,” responded Trump Jr’.

“So how come you didn’t know –,” asked WTAE’.

“Alright, that’s it –,” a voice off-camera then immediately cuts in’.

“We have to move on to the next one.”

“I’m not involved in it,” Trump Jr. said’.

A (cough) ‘director’ of a foundation that isn’t involved in it……….

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America Needs Trump – ‘Woman Touted On Trump’s Economic Council Actually Never Accepted The Job’


Why is CNN still on the air?

‘Earlier on Wednesday, McCaughey also corrected CNN for describing her as a member of the Trump’s economic advisory council. She is, however, an avowed Trump supporter’.

‘One of the woman the Donald Trump campaign announced last month would be serving on its economic advisory council did not in fact accept the job’.

‘Betsy McCaughey, a columnist and notorious Obamacare critic, told TPM in an email Wednesday that she had turned down the invitation’.

“I was very honored to be asked to join Trump’s Economic Advisory Council, but as a columnist I could not accept an official position with the campaign,” McCaughey told TPM’.

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America Deserves Trump – ‘In a Disastrous Interview with Cosmo, Ivanka Trump Flees Questions’



‘In a phone interview with Cosmo, Ivanka Trump played the entitled royal when asked questions about her father’s paternity leave plan, eventually hanging on up Cosmo as she fled from the “negativity” in the questions, saying it wasn’t “useful” to speak to the interviewer anymore if they were going to be like that’.

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Poll Watch – Why Hillary CLinton Will Lose



RCP – 8/26 to 9/15
Clinton – 45.7%
Trump – 44.2%
Clinton – +1.5

Three weeks ago….
Aug 23rd –
Clinton – 41.6
Trump – 37.3
Clinton – +4.3
A disclaimer.
I am a died in the wool William Jefferson Clinton democrat.
I will vote and proudly so for Hillary Clinton.

Watch. Trump’s admitting or not admitting that Obama was born in the US will be the dominant story FRIDAY, SATURDAY and SUNDAY.

Donald creates the story.

Why talk about it?

It’s a ‘wink, wink’ to the Alt Right.

But go ahead and be upset that Hillary said half of Trump’s supporters are deplorables……….

Nothing sticks to Donald Trump.

We are not talking the teflon as in Reagan.

No. We are talking that is doesn’t stick because Trumps moves the story to another story.

Nothing sticks.


Donald Trump learned, practiced and honed the skill of creating a fresh 24 hour news cycle every day.

If a news cycle is good for you one day, create a fresh one to build on the momentum.

If a news cycle is bad for you, create a new one to replace it.

Look over the primaries.

Look over the general election.

The so called news media doesn’t have to look for any stories.

Donald Trump gives them a fresh one every day.

This is why Hillary will lose.
She, like most of us, still believe that the news media actually reports on stories.

Trump instead crafts the stories leaving the news media with nothing to do but follow his lead.

Wednesday, there were two stories that had actual details of fraud, corruption and real criminal acts in and from the Trump Foundation.

  • The bribing of the Florida Attorney General with money from the Trump Foundation.
  • The purchase of art for Donald Trump’s personal use by the Trump Foundation.
  • And another great, great story on the conflicts of interest a Trump business/Presidency would create. 

Actual criminal acts. Details.

By Thursday – gone. Replaced by Donald Trump’s show on Dr Oz and Hillary’s health as she returns to the campaign trail.

Now the investigations are moving forward but a practice that has fallen on lack of use – investigative journalism – use to keep a story not just alive but offer new details that usually helped the legal investigations.

Even just 4 short years ago – Mitt Romney – while (cough) ‘missspeaking…..A LOT, was all too often fact checked right on the spot.

Today….with anything/everything Donald Trump says?

If/when he is fact checked – Trump replaces the story the next day.

  • The news media job is made easier by Trump giving them a fresh story every day and so they put aside holding him accountable.
  • The pubic, who’s trust in the news media is in the low 30’s, have come to accept that the press will tell us anything important so we don’t hold them accountable.

We deserve a President that the press never vetted…..and it is looking more and more likely we will get jut that – A President Donald Trump.

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