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This May Be My Last Political Posting – ‘CNN Gives Trump The Lead In Ohio By Polling No One Under 50 Years Old’


This borders on the criminal.

Real Clear Politics included this (cough) polling, polling that also left out the city of Cleveland – a Democratic stronghold.

That Trump was up only 4 points when you don’t poll 18 to 49 year olds and leave out an entire city is well – amazing.

The complete lack of journalistic standards in this election is – scratch that – has made democracy a joke.

It’s impossible to fight when the media just makes stuff up – just like Donald Trump.

So I may post some political articles but why?

NO one in the media is reporting on thid – WHY?

Here’s the link to the poll –


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15 thoughts on “This May Be My Last Political Posting – ‘CNN Gives Trump The Lead In Ohio By Polling No One Under 50 Years Old’

  1. I only rely on Nate Silver’s 538 summary as he discounts polls that are not grounded in good methodology. I have received many misleading polls in the mail and over the phone. These will give you leading answers, then ask the survey questions. I have told folks on the phone and in writing when I returned the survey saying you realize this survey is biased.

    • Silver included the CNN/ORC poll so when he uses polls that don’t count huge segments of the voters, it skews all the results.
      By including the CNN/ORC poll, it’s not bias but the very real criminal act of rigging an election.

      • It is my understanding he weights the results, so he may be discounting it. But, that is a good question to ask and look into.

      • Which begs the question to Silver – ‘How do you discount a poll where no, none, zip, nada 18 to 49 year olds are counter?
        How about ‘discounting’ when an entire city – a democratic stronghold….Cleveland – and noot one single person is counterd?
        Nate and RCP ‘doscount’ only when the error is + or – over 3.5%.
        This poll – ORC doesn’t count ANY 18 to 49 year olds AND loses an entire city – a democratic stronghold – yet claim the margin of error is less then 3.5%?
        Who is fooling who……..

      • Margin of error used in the poll is merely a statistical value that is calculated by a formula from the size of the population sample and percentages of responses within the sample. However, it assumes that the sample is selected at random, and if they haven’t selected respondents at random, that margin of error isn’t accurate either.

  2. Reblogged this on saywhatumean2say and commented:
    I’ve decided to make this Thursday my “Dump on Trump” Day and I couldn’t do it without your posts. THANX. ~~dru~~

  3. Don’t stop. It is the fact that voices are silenced that make the difference. And your voice is particularly eloquent because you are able to laugh — the most damaging weapon of all.

    • I amy post now and then re:politics but this election is being riogged/skewed by the media.
      The CNN/ORC poll – which DID NOT COUNT EVEN 1 SINGLE 18 to 49 year old AND ‘lost’ the entrie city of Cleveland – again NOT COUNTING 1 SINGLE VOTER IN CLEVELAND – was included in the 2 most respected polling averages, Nate Silvers 538 and Real Clear Politics.
      By acepting that poll as credible – they and the media by not reporting on it and making a joke of this election and democracy in general.

  4. I’ve been suspecting the media is manipulating this election. I think this confirms it. I wonder how these so called journalists on CNN , and MSNBC can sleep at night.

  5. I don’t think they excluded the people under 50, since the 2nd table shows polling results for people under 45. However, I see that the margin of error for under 45 group is 8.5%, compared to 3.5% for over 45, which means that the number of people they polled who were under 45 is about 100-150. For the whole sample the margin of error is 3.5%, which means about 1000 people were included in total. So i wouldn’t say the pollsters ignored everyone under 50, but their sample definitely doesn’t look random.

    • Keep in mind, this is a screen shot of just 1 question.
      This was repeated, with close but varying results, I think over 8 other questions.
      I also saw the ‘under 45’ group, which begs the question of a (cough) ‘professional polling group’ – how can you show counted in the ‘under 45’ group – yet show N/A in two different age groups ranging 18 to 49?
      It really doesn’t matter. It’s been accepted by the 2 well respected data gathering places – 538 and RCP. So instant credibility.
      Point Trump.

      • Hey, if it gets a few thousand “Hillary is gonna win anyway, so why do I bother voting for her” to the polls instead, maybe it wouldn’t be such a bad thing.
        It’s possible that 18-35 and 35-49 were showing N/A because the poll did not ask to state the age in those brackets, but in either one 18-49 instead, or maybe they did not want to include them, given that the margins of error for these would be 12-15%, and that’s basically as good as guessing.

      • Usually polling loike this has the opposite effect. ‘Hillary isn’t going to win anyway so I’m going to vote for Johnson’.
        Hillary has 1 saving point – 60+% of people say Trump isn’t qualified to be President.
        Offsetting that is that only 32% of Democrats are excited to vote for Hillary vs 49% of Repubs excited to vote for Trump.

      • You make a good point about using polls to influence. The other thought I had was to also help invalidate the results if the actual votes follow the demographics and go against faulty polling.

      • This is possible.
        Hiullary wins the electorial vote. Close but wins it.
        Trump wins the popular vote. Again close but he wins it.
        Any bets on what lengths he will go to and how long he will try to drag it out that he should be President.
        Very possible and that will be the final nail in democracy’s coffin.

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