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Life Is A Box Of Chocolates

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‘Democratic National Conventional – Our Fight Song’


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The Lies Of Donald J. Trump – The Russia Connection

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‘In an interview with Florida news station CBS4 Miami, Trump denied he had any business dealings with Russia and even went so far as to say that he’d never met Putin’.

“I have nothing to do with Russia, nothing to do, I never met Putin, I have nothing to do with Russia whatsoever,” he told the station’.

‘This is interesting because during a debate last year, Trump explicitly said that he’d met Putin while the two of them were set to appear on 60 Minutes’.

“I got to know him very well because we were both on 60 Minutes, we were stablemates,” said Trump at the time’.

‘Additionally, The Hill notes that Donald Trump Jr. told a 2008 real estate conference that “Russians make up a pretty disproportionate cross-section of a lot of our assets.”

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‘MADtv Darlene McBride- Take Back America Tour’




Make America Great Again – ‘Inside Ivanka, Inc: $100M Apparel Sales, And A Bid To Move Some Manufacturing Back From China’



‘Ivanka approached G-iii last year asking that the company make an effort to move some of the manufacturing of her label to the U.S. from China, where the vast majority is currently made. (A few garments are produced in Vietnam.)’

‘G-iii’s Ivanka-branded apparel hit shelves in 2014, with department store chain Lord & Taylor emerging as the line’s biggest customer, as opposed to Macy’s, which sold Donald Trump’s licensed menswear brand at the time’.

‘That it’s already seeing revenues of $100 million a year is impressive’.

‘Ivanka approached G-iii in 2012, said Aaron. Her then-fashion partner HMX was on the brink of bankruptcy when she cut ties with them that fall’.

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FEAR – Making America Great Again – ‘Donald Trump’s convention: filled with fear and hatred’ | The Briefing


“I didn’t do it” – Making America Great Again – ‘Donald Trump – Ted Cruz – The National Enquirer’s Pulitzer Prize


Donald Trump - The Ugly American

Donald Trump – The Ugly American

Donald Trump on the picture of Ted Cruz’s father (maybe) with Lee Harvey Oswald on the cover of the National Enquirer (owned by a very, very good friend of Donald Trump) –

“All I did was point out the fact that on the cover of the National Enquirer, there’s a picture of him and crazy Lee Harvey Oswald having breakfast”.

“Now, Ted never denied that it was his father. Instead, he said, Donald Trump”.

“I had nothing to do with it. This was a magazine that frankly in many respects, should be very respected”.

“They got O.J. They got Edwards. They got this. I mean if that was The New York Times they would have gotten Pulitzer prizes for their reporting. I’ve always said why didn’t The National Enquirer get the Pulitzer prize for Edwards and for O.J. Simpson”?

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