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day day 28

I am an unabashed William Jefferson Clinton Democrat.

So I may be just a little bit biased when I say that the Democrats had, by far, the best convention.

But then I was watching MSNBC – after convention – and Steve Schmidt (former campaign manager of John McCain) and Michael Steele (former RNC Chairman) BOTH said the same thing.

Steele even said the Democrats did a lot more drinking “and in a good way”.

So Michelle’s speech was very good.

The Presidents – very good.

Bill’s was perfect to introduce us to the new concept of ‘First Laddie’, First Husband, First whatever…….

Uncle Joe’s was also very good but not the best I’ve heard from him. LOVE “malarkey”!

Kaine’s was very good and I am more and more impressed with him with each speech.

And Hillary’s was the perfect upbeat balance for Trump’s dark America.

But……..Mr Khan and the Reverend Doctor William Barber II stole the show.

(Note to Democrats. Get rid of the Reverend Al and Jesse Jackson. THe Reverend Doctor IS the voice you want.

Something Donald Trump will never understand……..



Mr Khan, The Reverend Doctor and Hillary make me proud to be a Democrat and an American.

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