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Leftover Trump

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2 thoughts on “Leftover Trump

  1. Louie on said:

    According to snopes that one isn’t true. I enjoy this blog very much and share lots of content…..fight the good fight stranger.

    • No, according to Snopes – “We were unable to locate any information to substantiate the claim that Trump was ever denied a gaming license or that his Las Vegas hotel was originally planned as a casino”.

      Not ‘True’, not ‘False’.
      Trump was licensed in Feb 2004.
      Prior to that – “We located one possible source for the claim in a 23 February 1987 New York Times article. According to piece, which was nearly 30 years old, Trump had difficulty in the 1980s with attempts to expand his empire west”:

      “Last September Mr. Trump bought a 4.9 percent stake in the Holiday Corporation, which operates casinos in Atlantic City and Nevada. He sold the stake at a $35 million profit in November and bought into Bally”.

      “Mr. Trump recently applied for a Nevada casino license, but Paul Bible, chairman of the Nevada Gaming Commission at the time, said that Nevada regulators would look askance at any ”greenmailer” who hurts casino companies operating in Nevada by acquiring large quantities of stock in order to sell the stake back to the company at a premium”.

      With his large list of closed and bankrupt companies SINCE 2004, I wonder if the NV Gaming Comm. would again approve him.


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