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Dan Rather slams media for acting like a ‘business partner of Donald Trump’ to boost their ratings — The Fifth Column

(Dan Rather on CNN – screen grab) RAW STORY Appearing on CNN’s Reliable Sources on Sunday morning, legendary newsman Dan Rather took a few shots at the political coverage of presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump, accusing reporters of failing to ask follow-up questions and their bosses of essentially partnering with him to boost their ratings. […]

via Dan Rather slams media for acting like a ‘business partner of Donald Trump’ to boost their ratings — The Fifth Column

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5 thoughts on “Dan Rather slams media for acting like a ‘business partner of Donald Trump’ to boost their ratings — The Fifth Column

  1. If they are going to link him to it, they should link all of it. He stood in Scotland bragging on Brexit last week after the vote, when Scotland voted against Brexit and may seek another referendum to leave the UK so it can rejoin the EU. The financial markets are showing the UK what it thinks of Brexit with its declines, which continue this morning, and its repricing of the pound at a 35 year low.

    Experts predict a fall of 1% t0 3% of the UK GDP, but that does not reflect Scotland and Northern Ireland potentially leaving the UK. What the “remain” camp failed to show is the number of jobs created in England and Wales due to the EU, such as companies who placed their Europe HQs and plants in the UK for access to the EU markets.

    Trump touted this as a good thing, so the newscasters who link the two issues, should question his business acumen. In my view, this is prima facie evidence that being a good salesman does not necessarily mean you are a good business person.

    • I don’t know about you, but I only saw a couple of articles/shows that even mentioned the economics of Brexit.
      It was just the sound bites of Trump.
      THis morning, a few but my guess is the networks willl ‘test’ to see if their ratings drop in tryin gto tell the truth about Trump.
      It’s not any where near as bad as it was in the Primary’s but it is trending back to that.

      • I watch the BBC World News America and PBS Newshour. They holistically cover issues like this. The BBC main US announcer, Katty Kay, was noticeably shell-shocked by the Brexit vote. Network news is too shallow and Fox is too biased, as you note. One of the most interesting tidbits is a county in Wales voted to Leave, yet their largest employer is a Japanese automaker who is there to have duty free access to Europe. So, they voted against their economic interests, as now, this Japanese company must reconsider their investment and maybe move. But, wait we didn’t mean you…..

      • Being overseas, I did listen to BBCA and some of the English talk shows via TuneIn Radio.
        The talk shows were hilarious. Friday was all excitment and happiness. By SUnday they’d figured out that their weekend or holiday in Germany, France or Spain was now going to cost them more….a LOT more because of the drop in the Pound.

  2. I am pulling for the UK to be successful as it matters to all of us, yet Brexit may prove to be the beginning of the end of current UK construct, unless this decision is reconsidered with all of the facts and not hyperbole.

    With over 3.3 million petition signatures, Parliament is obligated to discuss a revote (the threshold is 100,000). That does not mean they will do it, but the people need to understand why all these employers have placed their Europe HQs and plants there. PBS Newshour also reported 59% of Scottish voters want to now exit the UK as they feel they were misled in the 2014 vote to remain in the UK. The Scottish leaders met Saturday (this is why Trump’s comments in Scotland on Thursday were so off the mark on the issues).

    On the whole, more money is made through collaboration, which translates into jobs. Trade is a powerful aphrodisiac to the economy.

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