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Feet on a doormat which reads Oh no not you again

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“All it takes is for bars to restrict drinking…….” – ‘WATCH: Gun lobbyist tells CNN that bars should limit booze to make it safer to carry guns’


See…….you restrict the amount of booze a bar sells. That way everyone can carry a gun and be more or less sober when the hordes invade.

Holy fu&king shit……..

‘During a segment on CNN on Monday, Larry Pratt of Gun Owners of America told Carol Costello that bars should be more responsible about how much alcohol they serve to customers so those customers don’t decide to go on drunken shooting rampages’.


“Control the amount of booze you sell them, but don’t make them sitting ducks,” Pratt said’.

“In a bar?” an appalled Costello asked in response’.

“In a bar, yes,” Pratt replied. “Yes, it might hurt business. You don’t think a mass murder hurts business? That’s what gun-free zones do!”

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