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Breeding Hate – ‘DOJ: Trump’s Early Businesses Blocked Blacks’

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Donald Trump - The Ugly American

Donald Trump – The Ugly American

Maybe it was ‘just a suggestion’ from Trump?

‘When an African American showed up to rent an apartment owned by a young real-estate scion named Donald Trump and his family, the building superintendent did what he claimed he’d been told to do’.

‘He allegedly attached a separate sheet of paper to the application, marked with the letter “C.”

“C” for “Colored.”

‘According to the Department of Justice, that was the crude code that ensured the rental would be denied’.

‘Details of this secret system, as well as other practices that the Trump organization allegedly used to exclude black residents from its buildings in Brooklyn, Queens, and Norfolk, Virginia, in the 1970s, were recorded in a lawsuit brought by the DOJ against Trump and his father, Fred, in 1973 for alleged violations of the Fair Housing Act’.

‘According to the DOJ, Alfred Hoyt, a black man, was told there were no two-bedroom apartments at Trump’s Westminster apartment complex in Brooklyn. His white wife, Sheila, was offered a two-bedroom apartment the very next day. They were admitted to the building after filing a complaint with the New York City Human Rights Commission’.

‘The DOJ claimed that Henrietta Davis, a black woman, tried to rent an apartment at the Fontainebleau in Brooklyn in 1972. She said she was told by the super that he had no authority to accept rental applications. And yet when Muriel Salzman, a white Urban League tester, went to the Fontainebleau directly after Davis, she was told that two apartments were free and she could rent either of them’.

‘According to the DOJ, just a week later, in 1972, Godfrey Jacobs—a black tester for the Urban League—was told there were no vacancies at the Beachaven Apartments in Sheepshead Bay. Yet George Sim Johnston, a white tester, was offered a rental at that building on the very same day’.

–‘The DOJ alleged that Muriel Silberberg, a black employee of the New York Human Rights Commission, says she was told by a man named Paul Ziselman on March 10, 1973, that there were no one-bedroom apartments available in Trump’s Beachaven complex. Ziselman, who identified himself to Silberberg as a rental agent, allegedly later told Phyllis Spiro, a white employee of the Urban League, that he “followed a racially discriminatory rental policy at the direction of his superiors” and that very few “colored” people lived there’.

‘According to government investigators, Beverly Best, a black woman, tried to rent at the Beachaven complex in December of 1972. She says she was told by phone that an apartment was available but when she showed up in person the next day to fill out an application, she was told there were no vacancies. She was only admitted to the building after she, too, filed a complaint with the New York City Human Rights Commission’.

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