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Grace – Hillary 2016


Donald Trump - The Ugly American

Donald Trump – The Ugly American



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Clinton/Warren 2016? – ‘Reid Backs Warren as Clinton’s Running Mate’

Sen. John Kerry Testifies During His Confirmation Hearing For Secretary Of State Post


I’ve been thinking about this team for a week or so since it was brought up.

I can’t imagine any woman agreeing to join Trump and it’s leaning towards Chris Christie.

So it would be men vs women.

  • Warren is a fantastic attack dog and daily would be under Trump’s skin.
    Christie is a buffoon.
    Clinton can take the high road of policy.
    Trump would froth at the mouth.

Let’s go Clinton/Warren 2016.

‘Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) believes Sen. Elizabeth Warren should be Hillary Clinton’s running mate, the Huffington Post reports’.

“Reid had initially been skeptical of the chatter around Warren, publicly warning that Democrats couldn’t afford to lose the seat the Massachusetts senator currently occupies. But The Boston Globe reported last week that he tasked attorney Marc Elias with studying how manageable the loss would be… As Reid has examined the issue in recent weeks, he the Democrats could hold onto Warren’s Senate seat and retake the upper chamber… He also believes they could even put the House in play for Democrats.”

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