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What If Trump Just Quits? – A Message From Your Sponsor


Gonna take a few days off. Want to see what Bernie does. Also we’re having a heat wave

and while I have air, plenty to drink and a wonderful easy chair – I also have to get up early to water.

You can’t water after 9AM or before 7PM so up before the birds.

But I’ve been listening and reading and wonder – what if Trump feels he is being treated unfairly by the Repubs and just quits?

His brand is being hammered and not in a good way.

He’s shown he just a racist – “I’m building a wall so all Mexicans are against me” yet he says he will do so well – ‘great’ with Mexicans in the election. Oh and Muslims wouldn’t be fair to him either.

So he just quits.

He has little to no money invested in the campaign. No ads, staff.

And with Hillary securing the nomination (if Bernie drops out) she, along with Trump’s racist remarks should get a 20 point bump in the polls.

Trump the loser.

But if he quits – he can’t be called a loser.

Well he can but it’s better then being laughed at in the election.

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