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The Lies Of Bernie Sanders – ‘Jeff Weaver vs. Political Reality’


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GREAT piece over at Ballon Juice by Anne Laurie.
It’s Chris Matthews interviewing Bernie Snader’s campaign manager Jeff Weaver.

It’s interesting to note that the Clintons have relesed over the years – 33 YEARS of Federal Tax returns.

Bernie says Hillary has ‘bad judgement’ and ‘isn’t qualified to be President.

Donald Trump says Hillary is ‘crooked’ and ‘can’t be trusted.

Bernie Sanders has released 1, count them or it, 1 year of tax returns.

Donald Trump has released 0 and has said he won’t until after the election.

Chris Matthews and Jeff Weaver –

Matthews: “You just said that Trump is hiding something, by not releasing his tax returns. What is your candidate hiding”?

Weaver: “I — my — my candidate is not hiding anything”.

Matthews: “But then why doesn’t he release his tax returns”?

Weaver: “He has released some —”

Matthews: “He’s released one year, of fourteen, that’s it”.

Weaver: “— and he has House and Senate ethics reports —”

Matthews: “Yeah, but why doesn’t he release his tax returns? You just said, a minute ago, that a politician is running for President, that doesn’t release his tax returns, has something to hide —”

Weaver: “But that’s Donald Trump! You asked about Donald Trump, Chris”!

Matthews: “I asked you, why wouldn’t a politician release his tax returns…”

Weaver: “That’s not a hypothetical, you said why isn’t Donald Trump revealing his tax returns?!?”

Matthews: “Okay, fine. You said that Donald Trump would not release his tax returns because he was obviously trying to hide something. What is Senator Sanders hiding”?

Weaver: “He’s hiding nothing. And I think — if you talk to anybody in the media — who saw those tax returns in 2014 — everybody who thought there was gonna be some big thing in there, and you know what? Zero”!

Matthews: “I’m just asking the question, live question, right now: You just went after Trump, for not releasing his returns. Why doesn’t your guy do it”?

Weaver: “Yes, and that — because Trump is a flim-flam artist, and a fraud! We’ve seen that, in his university, and —”

Matthews: “Why don’t you address yourself to the question I just asked? Why doesn’t your guy release the returns? Give me an answer”!

Weaver: “Well, he will”.

Matthews: “Oh, he will”?

Weaver: “Sure! He said he will”!

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2 thoughts on “The Lies Of Bernie Sanders – ‘Jeff Weaver vs. Political Reality’

  1. Mr. Militant Negro on said:

    Reblogged this on The Militant Negro™.

  2. Even I know Bernie won’t release any more tax returns. We’re only a few days from the last primaries, which means he can make excuses that he’s busy trying to win California, and once he loses the nomination to Hillary, the question of his tax returns will become moot.
    But he damn well should have – given his platform, I’d expect him to release at least as many returns as any other other candidate.

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