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Making America (read Donald Trump) Great Again – ‘More Trump “populism”


Donald Trump - The Ugly American

Donald Trump – The Ugly American

‘The Supreme Court is being asked to take up a bankruptcy dispute involving the Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City and to decide whether to restore the health and pension benefits of more than 1,000 casino workers’.

So 1000 casino workers – NOT worth $10 BILLION dollars (who pay taxes) vs 1 Donald Trump who IS worth 10 BILLION dollars (and doesn’t pay any taxes).

“On Sept. 9, 2014, Trump Entertainment Resorts, Inc., and its affiliated debtors including Trump filed a voluntary petition under Chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Code,” the union told the justices’.

‘On Sept. 26, Trump filed a motion with the bankruptcy judge “seeking to reject the collective bargaining agreement and implement different terms proposed by Trump.”

Point #1 – The property is losing money.
Point #2 – Trump found someone to buy it but Trump had to get rid of the collective bargining agreement contract with the 1000 casino workers.

So 2 weeks after filing bankruptcy, Donald Trump amends the bankruptcy filing to void the labor contract.

‘Union officials and Trump’s representatives met twice to discuss a new contract, but were unable to agree. The bankruptcy judge then granted Trump’s motion on Oct. 17, 2014’.

Donald Trump gets the ‘deal’, voiding the labor contract with the 1000 casion workers and can now sell the property.

“Trump immediately implemented the changes in terms and conditions of employment that the Union had rejected’.

  • ‘Trump ceased making contributions to the pension, health and welfare, and severance funds that provided benefits to Trump’s employees’.
  • The 1000 casion workers lost their pension funds, health care and severance funds.
  • ‘It expanded its own authority to consolidate positions, assign work and subcontract, which resulted in layoffs and loss of pay,” the union said’.

The 1000 casion workers who AREN’T worth 10 Billion dollars but DO pay taxes got the shaft from Donald Trump who IS worth 10 Billion dollars and DOESN’T pay taxes.

This is making America (read Donald Trump) Great Again.

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4 thoughts on “Making America (read Donald Trump) Great Again – ‘More Trump “populism”

  1. So why does the media not report on this ?

    • Facts rarely bring in big ratings.

      • And I suspect a Pres. Trump would bring in bigger ratings and $$$$$. I’ve lost complete trust in the media. they say Hillary is untrustworthy. they should look in the mirror and say that to their corrupt faces.

      • A Trump Presidency would bring in HUGE ratings. He is the present day master of the bully pulpit.
        And it is exciting…for a while.
        But after the yelling, the insults, the deflections, people want substance.
        The debates will be big in decising the undecided (currently at around 20%).
        Hillary will hit him on substance, details, knowledge of actual governing.
        He lacks all of them.
        But again he is the master of getting free press with his bully pulpit.
        The press will decide it.
        Will they fact check him?
        Again ratings so you don’t kill the golden goose.

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