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Leftover Trump

leftover trump1

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2 thoughts on “Leftover Trump

  1. Just read some of testimony about one of the three trials against Trump University to find out about the man. This is a microcosm into his modus operandi. He says the naysayers are out to get him, but they testified under oath, so lying would be a crime. Plus, he insulted the judge saying he had it against Trump because the judge is Latin American.

    • The hammering the Judge is a time bomb.
      That is his character but we ‘little people’, read part of his base, sometime only have the justice system.
      The trial has just started.
      The Judge is a ‘Mexican”.
      Born in US.
      Is ‘bad’.
      Made only 2 rulings 1 in favor of Trump, 1 against.

      Facts don’t mattetr to low information votewrs – both sides – and they also require an attention span – again low information voters don’t have.
      But it has attracted the attention of the media – sort of.
      So we’ll see.

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