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Little Green Footballs – Donald Trump Bumper Sticker Generator


From the Great people over at Little Green Footballs –


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8 thoughts on “Little Green Footballs – Donald Trump Bumper Sticker Generator

  1. This race is getting scarier and scarier. And by “race” I meant the presidential one, not the white supremacist one.

    • To me, right now it’s all up to what Sanders does.
      He is hurting Hillary (the polls).
      He could cause problems (his supporters will) at the convention.
      The + the Dems had was that we were civil and united.
      Sanders and his supporters could/will erase that image.
      Welcome President Trump.

      • What right does a man who only joined the Democratic Party have to make rules. He lost, get over it.

        My version of your Trump for President bumper sticker says “Thanks, Bernie!”

      • The “Thanks Bernie” may well come true.
        If she loses because of him, and the hatred from the ‘progressives’ is far worse than anything the Republicans have doen is 25 years, then I hope Bill, Hillary and the Democratic Party spend a Billion dollars and publicly ‘vet’ Bernie as the Republicans would have.
        His wife bankrupting a small college while she, their daughter and son in law ALL greatly benefited finacially.
        ALL his Castro and later the 70’s South/Crentral COmmunisist countries endorsements.
        His complete lack of even 1 legislative detail on any of his ‘plans’ that he has been touting for years (See NYDaily News interview).

  2. Excellent. Trump does not have policies, he has bumper sticker slogans. Unfortunately, it works. Here is one for the Dems to use: “Two-faced Trump.”

    Or, how about these:

    “Trump – global warming is a hoax unless I need Ireland to let me build a sea wall”

    “Trump – my tax plan increases the debt by $12 Trillion”

    “Trump – what court trials?

    By the way, I agree the anti-Trump protestors need to do so peacefully. It damages the greater good is not right. But, I have shared that Sanders deserves to stay in the race as long as he is winning, but he needs to keep an eye on the bigger race as Darth Trump would be very bad for America and our planet.

  3. I like “Trump for Chumps” (not sure if it’s in the generator or not).

    That said- I’m seriously considerring voting for Trump. If we’re heading to an apocalypse- why not go all in? And he’d guarantee (if we survive) that the right doesn’t hold office again for the better part of a generation. And in the long run…I’m not sure it will be worse then more years of what we seen- a total breakdown in government due to electing a black man. Will a woman (and a Clinton to boot) or a socialist be any better?

    I think we’re pretty well ******. And letting an absolute idiot **** things up may ultimately be better then middling through more years of this obstructionist nonsense.

    • Please be gesting. Clinton will be a better president than she is a candidate, for one reason she is already respected worldwide and as a woman she will be an exemplar that women need to be better treated. Sanders would also serve us well, but he won’t get much footing on his ideas in Congress from the GOP. Trump scares the hell out of everyone and his thin-skin, foot in mouth disease and large ego are not traits you want in a president of anything.

    • If Bernie hadn’t screwed it up by attacking Clinton for her fund raising – something 99.9% of ALL Democrats and Republicans do ( Bernie wants ‘public financing – for ALL elections? Does Bernie know how much that would cost? No actually he doesn’t because like almost all his proposals – he doesn’t know any details – just exciting sound bites)ikely would have had a Democratic landslide.
      Keeping the White House. Taking back the Senate and gaining ground in the House. Most importntley, State Houses.
      Paul Ryan isn’t an idiot – well most days – and since he wants to run for President in 2020, he would compromise w/Dems.
      Taking America ‘down’ would cause more harm to those least able to protect themselves – poor, homeless, disabled, working poor, elderly.
      As to the generator – it’s open so type away.

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