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Why America Is Failing – ‘Breaking News’


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I’ve said a number of times that the news media made Donald Trump.

Now that is is the Republican nominee – will that same media make him President?

But more importantly – why do we put up with it?

‘Fox, CNN, CNBC and MSNBC all featured this shot of an empty podium waiting for a Donald Trump press conference this afternoon’.

Donald Trump - The Ugly American

Donald Trump – The Ugly American

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Leftover Trump

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Cats Gone Bad

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The Thought For Today


Life Is A Box Of Chocolates

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Bernie Sanders Finding New Ways To Hurt Democrats – ‘A Trump vs. Sanders Debate’?

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‘Rick Klein: “Did we close the door on debate season too soon? Donald Trump told Jimmy Kimmel Wednesday that he’d consider debating Bernie Sanders one-on-one … and Sanders quickly indicated that he’s interested’.(1)

Every single ‘pundit’ review has said that it will ‘elevate’ Bernie as THE Democrat.

No it won’t.

Both candidates have proved over and over that they know nothing of policy details so the debate won’t be on actual policy.

Bernie is what 74? By the time Donald Trump is done with him, Bernie will look and feel like he’s 94.

Worse? Bernie will be perceived as representing Democrats and this will make ALL Democrats look weak.

Trump is the master of the insult and bully pulpit.

It’s doubtful this will happen but I hope it does.

Considering all the lies and personal attacks Bernie has made, he deserves a good thumping or ‘Trumping’ – just like the other Republican candidates took.

**On a side note, the only time a ‘Trumping’ backfired was when The Donald tried it on Carly Fiorina.
After the debate, her ratings soared because we, in out hearts find it repulsive to attack, demean or insult a woman publicly to her face.

And that is the reason Hillary will crush Trump in the Debates.
He will attack with personal insults.
Hillary will take the ‘high road’ and stick to policy.
No moderator will risk their career and try to get her to answer a personal attack vs actual policy.
And The Donald will be left sputtering sound bites instead of factual details on policy.

  • The Republican base will still love him but feel soiled after his public insult of a woman.
  • The moderates sitting on the fence will see a strong, knowledgable woman talking substance vs Trump’s insults and lack of knowledge.
  • And Democrats will finally have a reason to be energized.
  • Down ticket?
    Watch Republicans try to defend a man who insults a woman.


(1) :

A Republican ‘christian’ Nation – ‘Scotia New York High School…Angry Vice Principle…Loving Street Preacher’



Yes…….We need more pulic preachings……..

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