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Just because it always has been, doesn't mean it always will be

“Loose Canon” – ‘Trump Flips Out And Personally Calls CNN’s Control Room To Demand They Watch Fox News’


‘If Hillary Clinton had done the same thing, the media would go bonkers’.

‘ Donald Trump is completely obsessed with his cable news coverage to the point where he is personally calling up the networks and trying to dictate their coverage to them’.

‘Trump’s behavior was completely in character for a man who pretended to be his own publicist’.

‘Brian Stelter of CNN spilled the beans on Trump’,

“A few minutes after that interview on Fox this morning, this woman was interviewed in the 7 AM hour; Trump called into CNN’s New Day control room. He wasn’t going to go on air. We asked if he would go on air. The producers were asking him, and he said that he wouldn’t go on air, but he wanted to make sure that the producers of New Day had seen the interview on Fox on the rival network so that they could cover the interview.”

‘Less than a day after the chairman of Trump’s foreign policy committee admitted that the presumptive Republican nominee needs to learn about foreign policy, Donald Trump was calling the control room of CNN’s morning show in an attempt to direct their content and coverage’.

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