The Last Of The Millenniums

Just because it always has been, doesn't mean it always will be




I-Dee-Hoe is My State’s (Washington) next door neighbor.
And I live in Spokane.

I posted a series a couple of years ago entitled ‘Citadel’ that was on this very movement. (Search Idaho)

You can take your Republicans, Conservatives, racists, bigots, teabaggers and none of them come close to the extremism that these people exhibit.

See :

‘In Idaho’s northernmost legislative district, Republican Party politics has been pulled farther to the right in recent years with the rise of the tea party’.

‘But now a new element is pushing the party farther still: the arrival of conservative Christian “preppers” fleeing more populated states, who see the region as a “redoubt” – a place to settle and defend themselves when the whole country goes bad’.

‘The “American Redoubt” push, which targets Idaho, Montana, Wyoming and eastern Washington and Oregon for a “political migration” movement, was declared by survivalist author and blogger James Wesley Rawles in 2011. On his “survivalblog” website he writes, “I’m inviting people with the same outlook to move to the Redoubt States, to effect a demographic solidification. We’re already a majority here. I’d just like to see an even stronger majority.”

‘And this is being driven by True Patriots who absolutely despise the vast majority of America and just want a safe space, so to speak, where they can live their lives, homeschool their kids, shoot their guns, and prepare for the Apocalypse’:

‘Don Bradway, who lives just north of Coeur d’Alene, arrived almost five years ago “from what I call the occupied zone, which is California.” He said he came seeking a safe place and “like-minded people.”

“I make no bones about the fact I’m a conservative Christian and I like being around other people who think the way I do,” he said’.

“I know people who’ve said, ‘I’m looking for something that’s defensible, if the teeming hordes come surging out of Spokane,’” Bradway said’.

‘Beware the teeming hordes from — gasp! — Spokane’!

From :

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