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Poll Watch – Delegate Count – Bernie’s (cough) ‘big’ Win In West Virginia

bernie boitter

West Virginia
Sanders – 16
Clinton – 11

Total – needed to win = 2382
Clinton – 1716 = + 286
Bernie – 1430

Clinton – 523 + 484 
Bernie – 39

Clinton – 2239 = + 770
Bernie – 1469

Popular Vote
Clinton – 12,522,667
Bernie – 9,422,888

 Bernie claims that HE is the people’s choice. 


Bernie then claims that once they get to the Convention, the Super delegates (the same elected officials that he has called corrup for taking money from PAC’s) will see that HE is the people’s choice and flip over to him.

There are 897 total delegates to be selected.
167 are Super delegates.
So net 730 elected delegates.

Bernie needs to win 100%……….yes 100% of the remaining delegates (not going to happen) and that would still leave him 183 delegates short so 183 Super delegates (the same elected officals that he calls corrupt because they take money from PAC’s) would have to ‘flip’ over to him.

Bernie, you’re ‘big’ win in West Virginia netted you a gain of 5 delegates.

Coming up :

May 17

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