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Leftover Trump

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“Money was never a big motivation for me……”

Of course not. It was handed to you……..

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Cats Gone Bad

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Life Is A Box Of Chocolates

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Bitter Bernie…The Fake Democrat – ‘Sanders: ‘It will be a contested convention’

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#1 – Bernie hasn’t been vetted for 25 years like the Clinton’s.
FOX, the Republican 24 hour (cough)’news’ network, will run – 24 hours a day – Socialist Democrat Bernie Sanders programs.
Clinton, having been publicly vetted by FOX and ALL conservative media, is beating Trump.
After FOX and the rest of the Conservative news media gets done with Bernie – he might still win Vermont but it will be a Republican landslide.

#2 – I want to win back the Senate, make inroads into the House and start winning back some State Govornorships and legislatures.
Just as Republicans are scrambling to figure out how to defend Trump and his comments – Democrats would have to do the same with Socialist Democrat Bernie at the top.
We again lose the Senate, make no in roads in the House and win back no State govornorships and legislatures.

#3 – You want Super delegates to flip their votes to you.
These are the same people you have called corrupt.
You imply in EVERY SINGLE SPEECH¬†YOU GIVE – that Hillary is corrupt because she takes money from PAC’s. corporations and the wealthy.
So do the Super Delegates as 99% of them are elected State and Federal officials.
Even the one US Senator who has endorsed you takes money from PAC’s.
Now why would people you call corrupt – vote for you?
Why do you demand so called corrupt people to vote for you?
Is there a rule the rest of us don’t know about that Super delegates are proportional?
If not, did you just not know Super delegates can vote for who ever they want?

#4 – You cited Washington State as your example of why Super delegates should vote for you.
Do you know how we vote in Washington Bernie?
Just like you’ve shown ignorance of how to legislate you’re so called ‘signature’ proposals – ‘free’ health care for all. ‘free’ college and free ponies – you are ignorant as to how we vote in Washington.
In Washington State, we have mail in ballots to vote in elections.
So all I have to do is walk to the mail box or if I want to, I can walk across the street and drop my ballot off.
We have not had an ‘election’ for you.
We had a caucus.
My location was 39 blocks away.
So you did not win a ‘massive landslide’.
You won the caucus.
Winner B. Sanders 72.7% 19,159
H. Clinton 27.1% 7,140

Now Bernie I know this is hard to understand and accept – but 19,159 votes is not a ‘massive landslide’ when 1,620,432 people voted for Obama in 2012.
Your ‘massive landslide’ was just over 1 tenth of 1%.

#5 – You were an Independent, a Socialist Democrat until last November when you switched to the Democratic Party to be able to get into debates and get National attention.

When you did get National attention as in the New York Daily News interview, you’ve shown you have no understanding of actual details on how to legislate you’re so called ‘signature’ proposals they you have been running on FOR YEARS.
Begging the question – what have you been doing besides making sound bites?

You’ve released just 1 year of tax returns to the Clinton’s 8.
Your wife, Jane who almost drove a small college into the ground but still managed to get a $200,000 bonus, has said you will not release any more tax returns until Hillary releases her Wall Street speeches.
What do her speeches have to do with your tax returns?
Don’t you believe in transparency for yourself?

And now you say you will ‘contest’ the Convention.

You are doing everything the Republicans want you to do to lose the White House, the Senate, down ticket Representatives and State Govornorships and Legislatures.

Bernie Sanders, you are a fake Democrat doing more harm than good.

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