The Last Of The Millenniums

Just because it always has been, doesn't mean it always will be




Rick Lazio walks to Hillary during Senate debate.

Rick Lazio walks to Hillary during Senate debate.

Form Steve M. over at : No More Mister Nice Blog –

‘My feeling is that it just came down to tone’.

‘As the campaign went on, Sanders increasingly seemed to despise Clinton’.

‘His anger seemed personal’.

‘I wonder how many voters felt as if they were watching a rerun of every attack on Hillary Clinton since the 1990s’.

‘You can say what you want about her policy preferences and the choices she’s made in her career, you can argue that she’s too conservative and too compromised, but when someone pounds on her, she seems human and vulnerable — and unless you loathe her, it’s hard not to feel something in response to that kind of pounding’.

‘The race seems divisive, but polls show that the vast majority of Democrats would vote for either of the candidates in November — yet the Sanders message seemed to be that Clinton is history’s greatest monster’.

If you were an older voter who’d ever felt solidarity with Hillary Clinton at any time in the past quarter century, Sanders was asking you to repudiate yourself’.

‘If you’d ever been inspired by the thought of Hillary breaking through the glass ceiling, you were being told that you were a dupe and a Wall Street pawn, so snap out of it’.

‘Sanders has a vision of a better America, but anger was pushed into the foreground. That might work with Republicans. It didn’t work with New York Democrats’.

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  1. “On her worst day, Hillary Clinton will be an infinitely better candidate and President than the Republican candidate on his best day.”
    Yep, that exactly what one would say about “history’s greatest monster”. 🙂

    • Bernie Sanders on running a ‘different kind’ of campaign

      Mr. Sanders told an audience in Reading, Pa. 2 hours ago :

      “Now, I kind of think if you’re going to get $225,000 for a speech, it must be a brilliant, insightful, world-shattering speech, don’t you think?” Mr. Sanders said’.

      “It must be a speech that would probably solve all of the crises facing our planet and then some. And it was probably written in Shakespearean prose”.

      “And I think a speech of that extraordinary magnitude should be shared with the American people.”


      Bernie – running a ‘different campaign’ and keeping it on the issues.

      • No, definitely, a speech made to Goldman Sachs is absolutely irrelevant to understanding just what Hillary Clinton thinks about Wall Street’s role in the economy (or at least what she tells them to their face), and shouldn’t be considered a legitimate issue in the campaign.
        Imagine your reaction if Sanders made a 200K speech before Soviet Union’s Politburo and refused to release the text.

      • …but a better example of Sanders not keeping it on the issues is whenever they try to explain that Clinton’s victories in the South aren’t that important because the South is conservative.

      • My take now, is that Bernie had a chance to be relevant.
        Money in politics can be influence peddling.
        But to make it an absolute, make it a ‘purity test’ for office was/is his downfall.
        President Obama took money.
        VP Joe Biden took money.
        Senator Elizabeth Warren took money.
        Every elected Democrat including Markey(sp) from Oregon who is the only Senator to endorse Sanders….took money.
        Bernie is not a saint.
        Bernie was/is lucky to run in a State like Vermont.
        Any other State would likely have been mounting defeats for Bernie.
        Bernie is attacking Hillary’s integrity. Clinton attacks his policies.
        It is actually sad to watch what could have been a vibrant debate on policy and issues become just a bitter hatred from the Sanders campaign and from Bernie himself.
        NY was actually the final nail in the coffin for his campaign.
        He is likely to lose 5 States next week.
        The choice is his.
        A graceful, statesman like exit or more personal attacks that only help the Republicans.
        Some one needs to tell Jeff Weaver and Bernie’s wife to leave the room while they tell him the real facts of life.

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