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Another Day….Another Bernie Lie Exposed – ‘Sanders Campaign Complains About Clinton’s Joint Fundraising Committee’ – ‘Clinton Campaign Hammers Sanders For Hypocrisy Over Campaign Finance Allegations’

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People have to understand.
Bernie is the leader of a ‘revolution’.

That has nothing to do with electing other Democrats in the House, the Senate, Governorships or State Legislatures.

This is ALL about Bernie.

Bernie and Bernie ALONE will get all the Republicans to vote for his proposals.

Now what color pony do YOU want?

If Bernie had stayed with debating the issues – and actually knew factual details of his ‘signature’ plans he has been running on FOR YEARS – this could have been a campaign of issues.

Does Bernie understand the importance of this election?

The Supreme court?
Women’s rights?
Voting Rights?
Health Care?
The poor?
The middle class?

If we don’t elect hundreds of Democrats, HUNDREDS – not just 1 Bernie – NONE of the above will be accomplished much less even considered.

Bernie – “It Takes A Village”.

Right now…..Bernie has become an old man who doesn’t like lumps in his oatmeal……..


‘Clinton campaign manager Robbie Mook said’,

“It is also a very common practice. John Kerry did this in 2004. President Obama did this in both of his presidential campaigns in 2008 and 2012. The DNC does the very commonly, and all of Sen. Sanders’ colleagues have done it”.

bernie on fundraising

“The fact that I find particularly ironic is that Sen. Sanders himself has set up a joint fundraising committee with the DNC. He has just chosen not to raise any money into it and support the DNC.”(1)

‘The Sanders campaign “is particularly concerned that these extremely large-dollar individual contributions have been used by the Hillary Victory Fund to pay for more than $7.8 million in direct mail efforts and over $8.6 million in online advertising.”

‘They further allege that this improperly benefits the Clinton campaign “by generating low-dollar contributions that flow only to HFA [Hillary for America] rather than to the DNC or any of the participating state party committees.”


‘Election law expert Rick Hasen weighed in on this’:

“Here’s the deal”.

“The Sander’s letter cites no authority showing that this use of the JFC is not allowed, and it is hard to see what provision of the law it violates when donors give only small amounts that happen to benefit only Clinton”.

“Clinton, like Sanders and other presidential candidates, has set up a joint fundraising committee with her political party”.

“The JFC allows you to raise a huge chunk of change”.

“A small bit goes to the candidate’s committee under the federal limits (currently $2,700 for the primary and $2,700 for the general)”.

“The next bit goes to the DNC, and the rest so state parties in $10,000 chunks”.

“Sanders is accusing the joint committee of raising really big donations, and then having the JFC using some of those really big donations to engage in direct mail and internet targeting of small donors”.

“When those small donors donate small amounts, contributions up to the first $2,700 benefit Clinton under the JFC agreement, and because these are small donors, it means Clinton gets all that small donor money”.

“The letter says that maybe this is like an in-kind contribution from the DNC to the Clinton campaign, but I don’t see how it is that if the money is coming from the JFC not from the committee”.

“The letter even says this means that those giving big checks to the DNC might thereby be giving more than the $2,700 to Clinton, which is not literally true—it is what the JFC is doing with the money, over which the donors have no control”.

“So legally this seems weak”.

‘The proper channel for complaints about campaign finance is the FEC, not the DNC. I have found no evidence of a complaint being filed with the FEC on these grounds’.(2)


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