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Vetting Bernie’s Lies – ‘Sanders’s incorrect claim that Clinton called him ‘not qualified’ for the presidency’

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Lie or not – Bernie wants an apology from Hillary for his lying about what she never said.

“She [Hillary Clinton] has been saying lately that she thinks that I am, quote unquote, not qualified to be president.”

Sen. Bernie Sanders (Vt.), at a rally at Temple University, Philadelphia, on Wednesday

‘Many readers have asked about these remarks by Bernie Sanders, which led him to list the ways that he thought the former secretary of state was “not qualified” to become president’.

Did Clinton really say Sanders was unqualified’?

‘Three Pinocchios’

Sanders is putting words in Clinton’s mouth’.

‘She never said “quote unquote” that he was not qualified to be president’.

‘In fact, she diplomatically went out of her way to avoid saying that, without at the same time saying he was qualified’.

‘The Washington Post article appropriately noted she raised questions about his qualifications, but certainly never said or suggested she said Sanders was unqualified’.

From :

Poll Watch – Delegate Count – 4-7-16



Donald Trump - The Ugly American

Donald Trump – The Ugly American

‘Sanders and his campaign have a question to ask themselves: What is their campaign about — the ideas they want to push, or capturing the Democratic nomination? Because right now, they’re not winning on either front’.(1)

Coming up :

APR 9 Wyoming (D) – 14 delegates

APR 19 New York – 247 delegates(D) – 95 delegates (R)

APR 26 Connecticut – 5 delegates(D) – 28 delegates (R)

APR 26 Delaware – 21 delegates(D) – 16 delgates(R)

APR 26 Maryland – 95 delegates(D) – 38 delegates(R)

Clinton must win 33% of remaining delegates to hit 2,383 magic number

Sanders must win 67% of remaining delegates to hit 2383 magic number (was 66% before Wisconsin)


Trump must win 59% of remaining delegates to hit 1,237 magic number

Cruz must win 88% of remaining delegates to hit 1,237 magic number

Kasich must win 133% of remaining delegates to hit 1,237 magic number

(1) :





Cats Gone Bad

cts gone bad 33

cats gone bad32

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The Day in a Quote – Selling Donald Trump as President


Donald Trump - The Ugly American

Donald Trump – The Ugly American

Life Is A Box Of Chocolates

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Vetting Bernie Sanders – “Hillary needs to apologize for Benghazi”

bernie lies1

He hasn’t asked her to do that….yet……….

Bernie Sanders…..creating ads for the Republican Party!!

Feeling the Bern!!!!!!!!!

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