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Donald Trump - The Ugly American

Donald Trump – The Ugly American


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Poll Watch – Delegate Count 3-23-16 – Weekend At Bernie’s


If you read the headlines and the stories about this weekend, you’d have no choice to believe that Bernie has stopped Hillary and will be the nominee for the Democrats.

Again, Bernie needed to win 80.2% of the delegates…..
Winner B. Sanders 13
H. Clinton 4
Winner B. Sanders 18
H. Clinton 13

Winner B. Sanders 23
H. Clinton 18
Bernie – 54 = 60%
Hillary – 35 = 40%
Delegate count before Bernie’s Big Weekend Sweep
Democrats – Needed To Win – 2383
Clinton – 1689
Sanders – 944

Delegate count AFTER Bernie’s Big Weekend Sweep
Clinton – 1712
Bernie – 1004

Now there is a theory out there that Bernie only, I repeat ONLY has to win 56% of all of the rest of the delegates and then, finally seeing the ‘light’ all the – yes I did say ALL the super delegates (Clinton – 469 and Bernie – 29) will magically move to ‘stand with Bernie’.

No they won’t because they don’t want to grasp national defeat from the jaws of victory by ‘standing with Bernie’.

Bernie is a ‘one trick pony’.
“Money corrupts so we are going to take all that money from rich people and corporations and pay for free medical care (which will raise everyone’s taxes and still not cover all the cost) and free college and free pony’s for everyone.”

Some how by just electing Bernie, the Republican House will instead of voting 60+ times to over turn Obamcare, will just magically vote to raise the taxes on corporations and rich individuals and THEN vote to expand Medicare For All AND give free college tuition to all qualified students.

Some how by just electing Bernie, the Senate will magically return to Democratic control.
The Bernie ‘revolution’ is going to change all those pesky little ‘red’ states blue!!!!

Maybe the greatest ‘revolution’ is that Bernie is leading a ‘revolution’ that he is the only progressive to run.

Great article over at No More Mister Nice Blog….

“Nineteen states have already closed their filing process for House elections, representing 163 Congressional districts. And as Stephen Wolf points out, in 27 of those 163 seats — about one in six — no Democrat will appear on the ballot”.

‘Given all the talk of “revolution” I’m hearing in the presidential campaign, I’m surprised there aren’t Sandersites offering themselves as candidates (Democratic or third-party) for some of these seats’.

Actually, I’m not surprised at all — Bernie fans are falling for the widely held but incorrect notion that if you elect a progressive president, the entire federal government will simply fall in line. (A lot of progressives also thought that would happen eight years ago, with the election of Barack Obama’.)

All that bern and no progressives want to actually work for it.


Up next……..

4/5 Wisconsin Primary – 96 delegates
4/9 Wyoming – Caucus (D) – 18 delegates
4/19 New York – Primary – 95 delegates

Feeling the Bern……..
Pennsylvania Democratic Presidential Primary
Polling – Franklin & Marshall
Clinton 53, Sanders 28

Clinton +25
California Democratic Presidential Primary
Polling – PPIC
Clinton 48, Sanders 41

Clinton +7
Wisconsin Democratic Presidential Primary
Polling – Emerson
Clinton 50, Sanders 44

Clinton +6
2016 Democratic Presidential Nomination
Polling – Bloomberg
Clinton 48, Sanders 49

Sanders +1
2016 Democratic Presidential Nomination
Polling – FOX News
Clinton 55, Sanders 42

Clinton +13
2016 Democratic Presidential Nomination
Polling – Quinnipiac
Clinton 50, Sanders 38

Clinton +12
2016 Democratic Presidential Nomination
Polling – Monmouth
Clinton 55, Sanders 37

Clinton +18



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