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Scary  movie!

Scary movie!



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One of those days......

One of those days……

Poll Watch – 3-14-16

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Do polls even matter? After Michigan you could question them.

Best article I’ve found – and from Sabato’s Crystal Ball –
‘A Simple Model for Predicting Hillary Clinton’s Vote in the March 15 Democratic Primaries’

On the 15th, the Dems have Florida, Illinois, Missouri, N. Carolina, Ohio = 793 delegates.

Hillary will have approx 1800 and Bernie approx 800.

Bernie would have to win by an 8-1 margin in Wisconsin(96), New York(291), Maryland(118), Pennsylvania(210), Indiana(92), Kentucky(61), Oregon(73), California(546), Washington(118) and New Jersey(142) = 1747.

That simply isn’t going to happen.

But what Bernie IS doing is taking Progressives further and further left to the point where Progressive sites breed hate for Hillary.

Just a year ago, Bernie Sanders wasn’t a Democrat. He had to change to the Democratic party to run a Presidential campaign.

Delegate Count

RepublicansNeeded to win nomination 1,237

Donald Trump 460
Ted Cruz 370
Marco Rubio 163


Democrats – Needed to win nomination 2,382

Clinton 1231
Sanders 576

Florida(246) – Clinton +26/+27/+28

Illinois(182) – Clinton +6/+37 or Sanders +2

Missouri(84) – Sanders +1 or Clinton +7

North Carolina(121) – Clinton +19/+24

Ohio(160) – Clinton +5/+20/+9

Right now Bernie is projected to win Missouri and Clinton Florida,Illinois, North Carolina and Ohio.



How Liberals (read Progressives) Lose – ‘Americans Have a Right to Protest, But Trump Has a Right to Speak’


Democratic Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders Holds Iowa Caucus Night Gathering

‘In a word, Trump doesn’t recognize others’ First Amendments rights. Why should we recognize his’?

‘Well, because First Amendment. It applies to all or to none’.

‘There is no need to become Trump to stop Trump’.

‘It could be argued in fact that the best way to stop is by being the antithesis of all his worst qualities’.

If you want Donald Trump to win – keep protesting him.

That is proof positive to Conservative Republicans that it’s the Liberals that want to stop freedom of speech.

It’s not middle class working people out there protesting.

It’s not baby boomers out there protesting.

It’s young adults and students.

Bernie you have a duty to put a stop to this.

Or risk further destroying the getting smaller every day chance of the Democrats keeping the White House and taking back the Senate.

But then Bernie, you’ve only been a Democrat for a year so maybe you just don’t care………

‘Trump protesters in Chicago were openly happy that Trump didn’t speak, chanting “We stopped Trump.” And probably many others who weren’t there sympathize with what seems to have been a feeling of euphoria that the bully had finally been silenced, even though all the evidence points to Trump stopping himself from being able to speak’.

‘But this is America. And nobody should be silenced. Not the protesters, and not, if we take the First Amendment seriously, even Trump. This isn’t opinion’.(1)

(1) :

Ted Cruz’s ‘christian’ Nation – ‘VIDEO UNEARTHED=> Pastor Calls for Execution of Gays – Then Introduces Ted Cruz at Conference’

ted cruz21

ted cruz22

Go to the 1:40 mark :



Of course there isn’t 1 single so called ‘christian’ that follows the rest of what’s in Leviticus…..

From :

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